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    ToT Progression, Blizzard at PAX East, March 12 Hotfixes, TwizzCast, Blue Posts

    Patch 1.0.7a Now Live

    Isle of Thunder US - Stage 2 Unlocked

    Throne of Thunder Heroic Progression - Day 1
    The first day of Heroic difficulty raids in the US is over and Exodus is on top with 4 bosses down. Blood Legion is next with 3, followed by Midwinter and Supermassive with 2. In the 10 player raid size, Rehabilitation Clinic has two bosses down, followed by almost 50 guilds with 1 boss down.

    You can keep up with the kills on Manaflask, our forum thread, and WowProgress.

    Blizzard at PAX East
    Blizzard sent out an email to the press a few weeks ago about something new being at PAX East, and Rob Pardo dropped some more hints on Twitter today. You can see the last update he gave us on Titan here.

    Patch 5.2 Hotfixes: March 12
    Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker)


    Pet Battles

    Raids, Dungeons, and Scenarios
    • Our lead encounter designer offers their thoughts on feedback regarding raid boss hotfixes.
    • Throne of Thunder
      • Horridon
        • Reduced the health of adds in the Horridon encounter by 15% for 10-player normal mode and 10% for 25-player normal mode.
      • Lei Shen
        • Fixed an issue where images of Past Self created by Alter Time could be killed during the encounter.
      • Megaera
        • Reduced the health of Megaera's heads in 10-player normal and heroic modes.
      • Zandalari Council
        • Kazra'jin's Reckless Charge should no longer hit players twice at the point of impact.
    • Scholomance
      • Fixed an issue in Challenge Mode where players may not receive credit for killing Lilian Voss.


    • Secondary stats on heirloom items should now scale correctly while inside a Battleground.

    • Protections for unlucky streaks have been added for trinkets that use the RPPM (real procs per minute) system. (You can find a translated version of the Chinese post on this subject here.)
      • Activation chance for trinket effects on a pull has been increased.
      • Every time the trinket fails to activate, there's an increasing chance that it will activate.
      • Increased the activation chance for agility and strength trinkets from Throne of Thunder by 10%.
      • Increased the activation chance for intellect and spirit trinkets from Throne of Thunder by 5%.

    Bug Fixes
    • Fixed an issue where players may be unable to obtain Isle of Thunder daily quests for Stage 2.
    • Fixed an issue where some players may be unable to loot Isle of Thunder rare spawns.
    • Players will no longer get dismounted when flying over the Shrine of Goldrinn.

    TwizzCast Live with Greg Street Wed, 6:30 PM PST
    Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
    Tomorrow night we'll be putting the good folks over at TwizzCast on the phone with lead systems designer Greg "Ghostcrawler" Street. Following up on the developer interviews conducted just prior to patch 5.2's release, Greg will be talking a little about his initial impressions of the patch after its first week on live realms, in addition to fielding questions submitted to the TwizzCast team by players.

    Suggesting Questions
    If you have any questions you'd like to see the TwizzCast crew ask Greg in the interview, you can submit them the following ways:

    Tuning in Live
    You can catch this special episode of TwizzCast live on 6:30-7:00 p.m. Pacific Daylight Time Wednesday, March 13. While the interview will be made available shortly after the broadcast concludes, we'd love to have you tune in live and join the twitch chat room! While sitting in on the call next to Greg, I'll also be in the chat room with one or two of my community manager cohorts to talk to viewers during the interview.

    Knowing the Format
    Please keep in mind that this is a live podcast interview and not a community Q&A. While TwizzCast staff is collecting questions from the community, all questions will be determined and prepared in advance, and they will not be able to cover everything in 30 minutes. What questions are chosen is at the sole discretion of Twizz, Reb and Martiean, and the three of them are hard at work ensuring this interview will be well worth everyone's attention.

    I hope to see you in the chat tomorrow evening!

    Blue Posts
    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
    Class Hotfixes – 3/12
    Any word on when Chi Wave is going to be fixed? As it stands we are lucky to get full duration in a raid setting.
    Our developers are aware of an issue with Chi Wave’s heals not bouncing correctly and are working on a hotfix to correct this.

    PVE-wise it's understandable, but when frost bomb had to be nerfed to do 20% less dmg in pvp environment, and now you are buffing it by 40%? Is there really no other way to balance out pve damage, because it really is not fun having something over powered as frost bomb for pvp...
    Providing a clarification over PvP damage concerns.

    • Frost Bomb now deals 60% of its damage when used against other players, down from 80%.

    Effectively a 4% buff in PvP then?
    That would be correct. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

    Throne of Thunder Hotfix Reasoning
    Hey all,

    Lead encounter designer Ion Hazzikostas (Watcher) has been reading through a lot of your feedback regarding the raid boss hotfixes, and he passed along the following response to this thread:

    I just wanted to offer some context for the recent tuning hotfixes to the Horridon and Council of Elders encounters in the Throne of Thunder raid.

    First off, the Council change, reducing their health in 10-player modes, was honestly just a bug fix. Yes, it made the encounter easier, which also makes it a nerf, but we simply goofed on the numbers. We generally aim for a 3:1 ratio of health for enemies in 25-player raids as compared to 10-player mode, since 25-player raids typically have ~17 DPS and 10-player raids have 5 or 6. Instead, the ratio on the bosses themselves (but not the Loa spirits or Sand Elementals) was mistakenly 2.5:1, and we didn’t notice until we started taking a closer look at why 10-player groups seemed to be having a harder time with the encounter. I apologize for the error on our part.

    Second, regarding Horridon, that change was an intentional difficulty adjustment, with the aim of smoothing out the difficulty curve of the first section of the raid. By reducing the health of the trolls pouring out of each gate, we reduced the DPS requirement (and thus the gear requirement) of the encounter, but generally kept the mechanics checks intact. The trolls having 10-15% less health doesn’t mean that raids can suddenly fail to interrupt Venom Priests, ignore Effusions, stand in Sand Traps, or cuddle up with Frozen Orbs. It just means that there’s a lower DPS requirement to keep up with the waves while doing so. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

    Round 2 Voting: 2013 Alienware March Gaming Bracket Challenge
    Curse is holding a contest that puts characters from various video games against each other in a vote off to see who will win. Hoptallus is the only WoW character left, so be sure to vote for him if you find him more deserving than Commander Shepard! You can also enter to win an Alienware x51 computer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mementomori1993 View Post
    It's a D3 X-pack.
    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
    ...different from our other games...It's not a expansion...

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    Hm. Thats very interesting.

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    Lost Vikings lol....or maybe...Ghost =D?

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    well it can't be worse than the idea of putting D3 on PS4.....

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    Hmmm... I have honestly no idea. Is D3 for PS3/PS4 technically a new game? If its not that, then I'm baffled.
    By Blizzard Entertainment:
    Part of the reason is that Battlegrounds are like ducks.
    My Nintendo FC is 2208-5726-4303.

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    Okay okay, if it's not D3 pt 2 it's gotta be blizzard all-stars the MOBA.

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    So because our muti target dps is "strong" our single target dps has to suffer in the process... I really don't understand the logic. Is there any plans to buff haunt in order to make up for this single target dps loss?


    Are you currently satisfied with the troll beast slaying racial or is there plans to nerf that as well?

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    WHy on earth would anyone think it's that new MMO they told us 8 years ago about?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Auxis View Post
    Hmmm... I have honestly no idea. Is D3 for PS3/PS4 technically a new game? If its not that, then I'm baffled.
    Nope, D3 on consoles was directly mentioned in another email alongside the unknown game.

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    the new game is going to be Blizzard Allstars (Blizzard Dota)

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    I think Blizzard Allstars will be it

    But Mobile Device Game is an interesting option as well.

    I think we are all pretty sure it is not a brand new MMO franchise or anything that dramatic

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    As the above poster mentioned, could it be Blizzard Allstars maybe?

    Either way I am super excited to find out

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    PLEASE be mobile pet battles

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    But hasn't Blizz Allstars already been announced? Or was that unofficially?

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    Link to the translated chinese post about RPPM is down.

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    lol @ ppl guessing that it's something they already announced ;P

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    Is the Horridon nerf the same they announced the day before or are we talking about 2 different (and cumulative) nerfs?

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