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    Which sub forum?

    Which sub forum should I ask for advice about getting hacked in battle.net?

    Dont know if it is wow or diablo 3 yet.

    At the moment I am running a scan with Avira at my computer. It is slow but no signs of malware on my computer so far.
    My email wasn't hacked. I checked and it had blizzard messages "unclicked" "bold" nobody had opened them. It happened 2 hours ago from the timestamp at my emails change of password.

    If my computer is safe, my email is safe, how on earth did they change my password? secret question is my guess. Or that I bought plenty of my games from an online retailer in terms of a scanned code - but was never hacked before - ever - so why now considering its months since I bought MOP.

    I am thinking about buying an authenticator.

    At what number should I call Blizzard Europe to lock my account to prevent further damages?

    Any advise? I am panicked!
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    Uhm, this isn't an official Activision-Blizzard site. This is a fan site. Go call Blizzard.

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