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    So far I most enjoy Tortos, while Horridon is worst so far for me. Considering I'm 4/12, I don't have much experience to draw from so far, so this opinion will almost certainly change.

    That said, even though I say Horridon is 'worst', I still enjoy it. Blizzard have kept going strong since T14, which I'm very pleased about. There's no stand-out awful fight in MoP so far.

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    Quote Originally Posted by oggyowl View Post
    Nobody enjoyed iron qon? Bit surprised there! I like druuuuuumu, lei shen from an RL perspective, and qon!
    Iron Quon is the most boring fight since ages (at least for me). The frost phase ist just so damn unnecessary and the last phase is over befor it get's difficult. Only the first phase is somewhat eventful. And this comes from a raid with an average of ~505 itemlvl. No Heroic equip from previous tier.

    Haven't done Lei sShen yet but I also favor Durumu.

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    I quite like all of them, Iron Qon I find a nice mix - his phases are often annoying as all christ (fire lines, tornadoes, stupid shields etc), but racing to get through them as fast as possible and then the psuedo-enrage phase I find enjoyable as a dps.

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    Durumu, then Tortos. Very nice new mechanisms, it made the fight so enjoyable

    As an affliction warlock, I also love Horridon and Megaera. Dem numbers.
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    So far, I've killed 5/12 and I think I'd have to pick Tortos as my favorite. He doesn't suffer from the whole 'OMG THERES STUFF EVERYWHERE' problem that a few of the earlier bosses have. The fight is challenging from an execution standpoint while not being overly complex, and there are some cool interactions with the boss in the form of the turtle shells.

    We'll see how I feel once we get to ji-kun, because from the vieos I've seen, that may be one of the more impressive fight designs I've seen in a while, but I'm not sure how it will feel to actually do it.

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    Megaera! Love greek mythos and it's a simple yet interesting fight.

    Orrr.... maybe it's because I'm a mage and she has some pretty phat magic lewts.

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    I really like Horridon and this is mainly because of how refreshing it is as an add fight which is usually a type I hate.

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    Lei Shen definitely

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    Bosses that I really didn't enjoy on normal but are now extremely fun to me are H Council, H Ji'kun and H Durumu. I mean really, there isn't one bad boss this tier so far on heroic. As a warlock that is.
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    Heroic Durumu...working on him now...extremely unforgiving but very fun. Exactly the way raiding is supposed to be.
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    Didn't mind durumus beams but the maze sucks. Should have been designed with solid walls appearing/moving instead of a floor texture. Would have delivered on the idea of maze. This I find to just be a confused defile.

    Lei shen, I love the inidividual mechanics but don't like how they fit together as a whole.

    Is say jikun tbh. But I've been in "cool" group. Got a feeling the other groups suck.

    Really enjoyed council and iron qon but the shields should be more predictable (which way they shield) so you could optimize performance instead of it just being rng. Ohai rppm vs icd!

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    I love Dark Animus, very clever design.

    Lei Shen second.

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    Durumu probably.

    Tortos and horridon was also fun from tank PoV, but guess others do not share that opinion
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    Ji-Kun is great if you fly, but boring as sin if you're on the platform the entire fight.

    Durumu is definitely one of the most unique fights this tier and I'm happy with it, even though it's given our guild a bit of difficulty.
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    Defo Horridon who doesn't love big dinos.

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    Durumu is pretty good after they fixed the visual issue with the clouds.

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    I enjoy Megaera because it lets me tunnel vision for awhile o_O

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    So far , I will say Durumu because of his colors and his "C'Thun , Mimiron style" barrage

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    Horridon is easily the most visually appealling boss this tier.
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