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    Double dps 2s strats

    Hey guys,

    Been running 2s as a frost mage with a combination of different classes lately (boomkin, frost dk, spriest), and in general we're having issues against the same comps across the board. For the record, I enjoy playing with the boomkin the most, as he heals as much as actual healers and we can set up some good kills.

    The problem seems to be mostly against double dps comps at this point (rogues, wars, locks, sometimes hunters)... and the other night it's literally all we faced. (double rogue, lock rogue, war dk, etc.) Against rogue teams it's difficult to not either get trained into the ground, or eat silences/cc's while boomkin is focused in a bomb and dropped. War teams can get us nearly 10/10 games once they go god mode and start wrecking one of us and can't be peeled. Boomkin and I have sheep, beam vortex, cs down pretty well and can kill most healer comps, unless it's with a war. Lock teams are about 50% win for us, if they aren't with a rogue.

    Playing the mage in these comps I'm rarely focused at all, and have gemmed almost straight pvp power, with a bit of resil because of that. Sitting around 56% power and 65% resil. With the boomkin, if we survive against double dps initial cooldowns, even if my boomkin dies in 9/10 cases I can handle 2v1 easily.

    Any suggestions for how to handle those pesky double deeps comps that are immune for too long right away or self heal without us able to snag a kill?


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    Quote Originally Posted by Chestbrah View Post
    Any suggestions for how to handle those pesky double deeps comps that are immune for too long right away?
    get away from the warrior, los the hunter

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    Make sure your boomkin is dispelling warrior enrage effects w/soothe (or you are spellstealing it). with rogues, get faerie fire up asap. w/wild charge talent (daze and immobilize in bear/cat form, leap forward in travel form, leap backward in boom form), cyclone, roots, typhoon, etc not to mention all of the mage cc you have, you guys should have enough to counter melee comps. And your boomkin gets mirror image (a redirect)/you get healing touch....you guys shouldn't be having issues w/melee.

    Boomkin should be saving his trinket, barkskin, might of ursoc for rogue bombs/when shit is hitting the fan.

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