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    If you plan your gear appropriately, you won't go over hit/exp. If you just take every item that drops, you may run into issues. Either way, Haste doesn't look to really be increased when using the rppm trinkets. Simcraft values don't really change, and from various spreadsheets with rppm trinket formulas in them, it takes a lot of haste to dramatically increase the avg proc stat.

    Feather and VP trinket are causing Unholy FB to skyrocket right now, aside from just being good. Using Outbreak at the tail end of both, with potion, is in the neighborhood of 20-24k+ Str filled diseases. It's pretty gross, and if you can manage it right, some serious DPS. I'm wondering if/when Festering Strike will stop extended the snapshotted AP of diseases.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fangless View Post
    If you plan your gear appropriately, you won't go over hit/exp. If you just take every item that drops, you may run into issues.
    That may be a consideration for 25-man guilds, but it sure as hell isn't for 10man. I am lucky to see a single strength DPS item drop every other raid. I don't have exact numbers, but I'd estimate my success rate with coins is <10%, so I have to take whatever piece of gear actually drops.

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    In a 10 man guild, as the only plate dps, generally speaking I'm not going to turn down gear when it drops. Especially since I stared gearing this dk about 5 weeks ago, so a 522 is pretty much an upgrade in any slot even with excessive hit on it.

    I'm not going to go buy valor gear with hit on it, but if I can get an upgrade in raid I'll take it and hope I something better itemized drops at some point.
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    Well, getting BiS gear doesn't happen overnight. Our raid has 6 Str classes in it, I don't get any piece I want either :P

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    Well im facing the "over hit" problem aswell atm.. I have lfr feather in the bags atm, not even touching that for now! Using Normal mode Spark and Valor Trinket.. im playing DW so haste is not my number one priority, still don't think the trinket proc is that good with my lvl of haste atm. it procs around once every 1.30 minute. If im lucky..

    Anyone with normal Spark? Can you guys share experiences? the trinket is being a little disappointing for me..

    (sorry for any typos)
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    Could you guys tell me what tool you use to sim? I used kahories in wotlk...

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    i will go with feather and primordius trinket

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