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    Quote Originally Posted by featser View Post
    well the world first race people are already pretty pathetic

    if you aint doping you aint trying right?
    Could you please tell me the difference between using Red Bull, extreme amounts of caffeine (in whatever form), and what you call doping. I assume you are talking about stuff like fenethylline (also known as captagon). Well students tend to consume those while pulling all nighters, truck drivers were using those as well when having to drive long distance, etc ... in some countries it's only available when your doctor prescribes it for you, in other countries it's available w/o a prescription (and honestly you can't use the latter for consecutive nights, as you will quickly reach a point where you have to recover from it; same reasons why students using captagon to pull all nighters for their 1st exam will usually suffer from repercussions when doing their next exams, i.e. it's only good as a last resort for you last one).

    But in essence it's exactly the same as drinking red bull/a ton of coffee: you consume an amount of something that you normally wouldn't consume to that extend, with the idea to keep your focus much longer. The only difference is perception, because the idea behind consuming it is exactly the same.

    Labelling that as pathetic is intellectually dishonest in my book.
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    Most people don't care who gets the world first, it's such a non-achievement in the grand scheme of things.

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    high chance its been said, but this is nothing new..
    I dont think any of the world first guilds are really sponsored now, but i know back in BC days (i believe death and taxes was sponsored by prima and helped write their guides) it was a well known thing that a lot of high end players used things to help them stay focused. I'd be shocked to find out high end starcraft players didnt use the same thing.

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    This topic is new and interesting.

    Been happening with hardcore gamers before WoW...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sprucelee View Post
    lol @ the people here.

    95% of that is really good stuff, essentially telling other, less informed people, how to prepare your body for long periods of sedentary activtiy, with little sleep. It is good advice, especially for your run of the mill, Dorito gobbling, Mountain Dew drinking, gamer. All of it is actually helpfull, the bad part is choosing to sit on your ass for 18 hours a day to begin with. But that is not news, is it? That is top 10 progression raiding, its all about stamina...

    If anything, it is helping people who choose to do this, be more healthy, and safe.

    Yes, at the end it addresses potential drug use, not really advocating it. Shocking, I know, it's a scary world out there. Reefer madness, etc... JUST SAY NO!
    i'm quite baffled to read such a well formulated, educated and intelligent comment here. even if this may sound like irony, i really mean it. i wish more gamers had your education and smartness. keep it that way, someday the world will be a better place because people KNOW what they are doing!

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    Just like anything else that someone does to themselves, it doesn't affect me so let them have at it.

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    Nothing wrong with Adderall, I always take it once new patches come so I can do all the new achievements to get to #1... not.

    On a serious note though, as someone said, he didn't suggest or asked people to take it. That part as well as the rest of the document is more of a suggestive post to higher the efficiency of their raiding. Just take a look at the SC2 players in Korea, living like a pluton or something and training all day etc. If you want to be on the top or compete for the #1 you have to be ahead of the other competitors. Look at other sports (cycling LOL).

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    Made a thread about this on the WoW EU forums. It got deleted (not just locked unlike most threads) in a few seconds and my account got banned.

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    That's just pathetic, even peeing in a bottle is incredibly pathetic. They aren't even getting anything from their world firsts, just a free vent server maybe.

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    Quote Originally Posted by VelmuVeera View Post
    That's just pathetic, even peeing in a bottle is incredibly pathetic. They aren't even getting anything from their world firsts, just a free vent server maybe.
    Do it for the glory, young padawan.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kalis View Post
    Not finding-a-cock-on-your-girlfriend-is-normal level of odd, but nevertheless, still odd.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Toxigen View Post
    Do it for the glory, young padawan.
    Yes because shitting in your pants and taking drugs to kill a boss before someone else in a meaningless game is glorious : /

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    I admit I sometimes take stims while playing WoW and they make me play better, but that's not the only reason I take them

    But doing speed just to play wow 24/7 is pathetic.

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    lmao, because its sooooo important.if your raiding in a VIDEOGAME has reached that point there are some serious issues with your gaming habits and life choices.dont get me wrong i totally believe in"to each their own" but some things border on stupid and this is without a doubt one of them.

    world firsts ,lol,folks should find something else to put their energy into, this isnt going to get them anywhere in the real world.and before all you "this is what they do for living" defenders,i will say most folks who do that stuff "for a living"a lot of times(and ive seen tons of vids and read lots of forums on these types of "gamers"...) live with their parents ,grandmas, aunts or uncles and arent thinking about the future and later in life.sorry but these people wont be "professional gamers" in their 50's nor will they have socked away enough money from their "heyday" to call it me.

    wow is just a moment in time, in all our lives........

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    Wow, this is just a whole new level of sad.

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    I totally understand how much it could mean to somebody getting world first. But i think the issue of world first kills is found in the fact that this article, not only is talking about "doping" but also about diet and eating... something which should not be linked to a game. This stuff is mainly for athletes in sport and it baffles me that players are talking about "eating while progressing".

    The boundary to wow being a fun fantasy game and reality just got a little closer folks........

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    I did a /who blood legion on the first day of heroic raids last week, and they were in there from 12 in the afternoon until 3am. That is about 15 hours. I thought that was crazy, but the very next day they kept that same schedule. If my math adds up by my brief /who checks, they raided over 60 hours this week in game, dare I say closer to 80, but I wont speculate . Not to mention they still play the game before and after raids, doing dailies and whatnot.

    That sounds painful and sad.
    Free-To-Play is the future.

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    Not your body and not your problem?

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    Not sure if serious, but hey how is them being on meth different them me being high when playing?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tryana View Post
    Not sure if serious, but hey how is them being on meth different them me being high when playing?
    Because world firsts used to be a 30-40 hours per week deal.. now it has doubled in recent years to insanely unhealthy levels.
    Free-To-Play is the future.

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