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    LFR drop that bad?

    Just won Wushoolay's Final Choice (http://www.wowhead.com/item=95669) on my shadow priest, and now I check on Mr.Robot for what would be a better upgrade, but it tells me its a super downgrade from a fully upgraded Relic of Yulon (http://www.wowhead.com/item=79331) and fully upgraded Light of the Cosmos (http://www.wowhead.com/item=86133). Can a 502 trinket be THAT bad, or is Mr.Robot ooked up in the head?

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    Fully upgraded light of the cosmos heroic 510 is better then most 522 trinkets.

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    I'm talking about 489+8 (497) Light of the Cosmos vs 502 Wushoolay's Final Choice. Mr.Robot says it's a super downgrade...

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    Here is the link to the blog explaining the reasoning behind weighting the trinkets: http://blog.askmrrobot.com/2013/03/h...dles-trinkets/
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    Hey, I'm from Ask Mr. Robot. The trinket very likely WAS a downgrade, until today (sometimes robots are really smart). Ghostcrawler tweeted that the trinkets got a buff today. Once he posts the new proc info, we'll update our trinket estimates as well. So for now, hold out a bit longer and it's probably safe to assume the buffed Wushoolays is going to be better.

    Also, check out the blog post Aliok linked - it's really helpful (but keep in mind, the commentary at the end is for the original 5.2 trinket values, not the new buffed values).

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    Well Mr.Robot is still showing the 502 trinket as being a downgrade... I got no idea which trinket I *would* have to switch for an actual upgrade. Guess I gotta wait...

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    Digg, sorry I should have clarified. The trinket in game would have been a downgrade, until the patch today when they buffed it. We do not have the new proc information yet (ghostcrawler is probably posting that soon). Once we get that info, we'll update the site. Until then, it's probalby save to assume it will be better than the old trinkets now that they are buffed

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    Still waiting...

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    The new trinket info was posted an hour ago! Wooot! We will now be able to update those trinkets today. We couldn't update them until we had this information

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    I guess it's still not entered in the database... or it has worsen! Any update on the update?

    Edit: was tired of waiting, replaced Relic of Yulon, and on a dummy doing 10M damage, it's a 8K dps lose! Ouch... 502 ilvl doesn't mean shizzle!
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    Digg - still working on it. We have to put in some new calculations since the proc mechanics are quite a bit more complicated now. We're working on it I'll PM you when it's updated for sure.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DiGG View Post
    Just won Wushoolay's Final Choice (http://www.wowhead.com/item=95669) on my shadow priest
    The trinket is shit. Hit is the worst extra stat you can get on a trinket and the proc is horrid.

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