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    Poseidus thread

    Seriously this damn seahorse is so elusive, I killed him once, but that was before he dropped the mount back in begin of cata.

    I have been camping him now for several hours, and yesterday too.

    - It is still unknown if this bastard's timer restarts after a server maintenance/restart
    - They say it's at least 72 hours before he spawns and then gauranteed for the 48 hours after
    - Meaning that you better start at friday night when the 72 hours are over and camp in the weekend

    Has anybody here actually gotten him?

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    I got him back in Cata. I found him shortly after they added the mount to the tables. I wanted him and wasn't really farming hard. I logged in one day to just do my check of each spot then move on to leveling alts, and boom, he was there.

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    I tried farming him before, but gave up after several weeks with multiple restarts and stuff. It's unknown if his spawn timer is reset each server reset, but, if it is, it's entirely possible to go several months without ever seeing him if they are having patching issues (like with 5.2). During the time I was farming him, the servers were not staying up for 72 hours straight in between scheduled maintenance and restarts. This went on for several weeks, so I quit.

    Without knowing that information, I decided it was much wiser to skip this guy altogether.

    Good luck to you, but you'd probably have an easier time simply farming up 75k and buying him off the AH since he's one of the few rare mounts that ends up on the auction house more often than in someone's mount journal.

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    only seen him once. killed him and sold the mount for 40k.

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    I will continue to camp him for now spectrefax. :P

    I have alts at each spawn point stationed.

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    Got him like 4 times in Cata, but that was before cross realm. I assume it would be a lot tougher now. As for the timer. I believe it's fri- mon. If it pops up early on friday, the next time it "could" pop up is monday before the next server reset. Then again, remember that there have been many restarts lately, so that's just basically a given that it won't show up. You need to wait for there to be a normal tuesday restart and then hope there aren't any more. during the week to get a legit chance at him

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    Stayed up late. To like 6 in the morning, still no sign of him.

    I even woke up at 7, 10 and 12 again to check on all locations, then sleep again. Nothing.

    Now I am camping again. I swear I dreamt about getting Poseidus at least 3 times.

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    Still nothing, this is outright ridiculous, I thought it was rare, not nonexistent.
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