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    [A] Ascendance (10) - Turalyon - 6/12 - LF Damage Dealers / Tank

    We are currently playing a little bit of catchup after having a lot of our core members quit the game in Cataclysm. We have done a fantastic job of catching up with the rest of the server and are hoping to regain our server top 10 man guild spot in the coming future. If you feel you can help push the guild forward please contact us!

    About Ascendance
    Ascendance is a semi-hardcore raiding environment for a very accomplished 10 man raiding team. With the number of hardcore raiding guilds out there and so-called 'friendly' raiding guilds our own expansive raiding history left us longing for a skilled yet social guild that was also able to be competitive within the raiding enviroment, thus Ascendance was formed.

    World of Warcraft is primarily about socialization and hence we aim to develop this belief while still progressing well through raid content. We are NOT aiming for world firsts but we do aim to be completing all normal/heroic content and to be competitive with other guilds.

    What are we looking for in our raiders?
    We are always looking for experienced and skilled players to join us in our 10 man raiding team. Due to the nature of raiding we require everyone to be able to speak on Ventrilo, communicate well and have a solid grasp of the English language. We expect our members to act with maturity and respect fellow players on the server, whether Alliance or Horde.

    Though we do not have a strictly over 18 policy, we do expect you to ACT like an adult. You are hopefully the kind of player that likes to socialize with their fellow guild mates and will help them out wherever reasonably possible. Guilds are a social aspect and as such we would hope that our members are sociable. You must be able to respond well to instructions and be able to think on your own feet.

    Raiding Times:
    We raid 3 days a week which is a fairly light schedule, therefore we expect all raiders to maintain a minimum attendance across all raids of at least 80%. We do NOT recruit bench warmers but we do have a rotation in order to ensure we always have enough raiders available to help us get through content.

    Our raid nights are
    Wednesday: 20:00 - 23:00 (GMT) / 21:00 - 00:00 (CET)
    Thursday: 20:00 - 23:00 (GMT) / 21:00 - 00:00 (CET)
    Sunday: 19:00 - 23:00 (GMT) / 20:00 - 00:00 (CET)

    Current progress:
    7/16 HC T14
    6/12 T15

    Cataclysm Progress
    Dragon Soul 8/8HC (Madness 15% nerf)
    Firelands - 7/7HC (6/7 HC pre-nerf)
    T11 - 13/13HC (9/13HC when Current)

    How do I join?
    Head to our forums found at http://www.ascendance.info/ - On the forums you will find a section titled 'Recruitment'. Please complete the application form. All applications are private and are only viewable by our guild members and you.

    You may speak to either Aylisea / Rickbu or Alvio in game with any questions you have regarding Ascendance.
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    To the top. We need ranged dps and a dps with tank offspec.

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    Still recruiting DPS

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    Ji-kun down. 6/12 now. Need damage dealers!

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    Recruiting DPS + DPS with tank OS.

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