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    [Elemental] T14 4 set or not?

    Hello fellow shamans!
    I've been thinking about this for a long time and i can't really find any info about when it's time to break the old tier sets.
    Progressing through ToT i've gotten some odds pieces that would be quite the upgrades for me, but in the process i would loose my 4set and just end up with my 2set.
    Basically, i just need to know if its worth it to break my t14 4set (Regalia of the Firebird - Item - Shaman T14 Elemental 4P Bonus) for Spaulders of Quaking Fear and Gloves of the Witch Doctor?

    Here is my armory link if needed.

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    Hey Shalinn,

    I believe that using the higher ilvl items for both slots would be a bigger upgrade than having the Rolling Thunder set bonus, but you need to sim your character to truly evaluate. Do it once with the set bonus, then again using the same options but with the new items equipped, and see if your DPS rises (it did for me under a similar situation).

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    Cheers gona try doing that tomorrow and see what happens.
    Btw is there a new version of simcraft out or is 510-9 the lates?

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    510-9 is way old. Where are you getting that version? 520-5 is the latest.

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    I got it way back dident see any updates coming out so stopped checking :P

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    Okey done the check and i will lose about 1.6k dps if i split me 4 set so ill keep it for now until i got 2 set in T15.

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