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    Aye. As long as you do your best to learn how to become a great player in a short amount of time while playing you can be perfectly suited to maintain top-notch progress on a very lax schedual. From what I have read, a lot of people do not realise that for almost all players it's not time that is the constraining factor - it's skill.
    Exactly. My guild cleared MSV after about a month of raiding, but we'd only raided every Sunday. We'd have progressed further in if scheduling didn't wipe our raid out completely (everyone was either in college or raising kids at that point).

    Casual never meant less skill, it just meant not playing the game 50+hours straight...which is what old Vanilla content practically demanded of you, half of which was spent spamming for groups to do long, boring content.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LairenyX View Post
    That's a big claim that you make:


    Your main point are as follows:

    1) I only concern about people doing an activity. I don't care if the activity is fun or exciting.

    Have you considered that maybe any attempt to prepare for raid via group forming and doing steping stone PvE may bring out more excitement and fun than just DOING an activity alone like LFR? Maybe people who never got to raid felt more excitement and fun from the game when they did it less than now where they're doing it like crazy? maybe people who raided 6 hours a weak found raiding more fun and exciting than people who raid 25 hours a week now via LFR?
    Been there, done that, got the T-Shirt, did not like it. Hanging out for sometimes several hours forming a group has nearly never been fun and usually was more the opposite.

    I CLEARLY out right don't believe and reject your claims that people who do LFR enjoy it... and that people who do normal raiding and heroic dont enjoy it less because of the presence of LFR alone.
    * Raises hand* Currently LFR raider and enjoying it mostly

    1) You justify LFR because you claim "forming a group is not enjoyable".

    and I keep saying:

    1) Forming a group might not be enjoyable BY ITSELF if you're just looking at it but you have to put the OVERALLLLLL process of PVE where forming a group is half of the game play.
    The by all means you enjoy the game you want to, don't say that others should like it too.... If I have an hour or two to play, I don't wanna be in a situation where forming the group would take away from the limited time if there is a more efficient method. Just do what you want to do in game and let others do what they want.

    I don't fail to see anything, it is you who fails to see anything by not asking deeper questions and go beyond surface and scratches analysis and generalized thinking with NO context in mind.
    Came across another post of yours and can only conclude that you yourself are the one that should be asking deeper questions etc, like:
    - Why does it bother me that people like to run LFR
    - What kind of right do i have to judge other people for not playing the way I want it to be
    - Are the posts I make really smart or could they be considered stupid/ignorant (leaning towards the latter after reading your other post about how removal of LFR and Transmog would help double the amount of subs....
    - What does it really take away from me if I just lep other people go about their business and let them play the way they want? What do I lose in the process?

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    Just make it like TBC model.

    I was at times casual inn TBC, didn't stop me from raiding Karazhan etc.

    Its about time blizzard brings back some off the things that worked inn other exspansions, that they removed.
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    So if i read this right, doing 5 man dungeons with 10 players (because you could enter it with them) is a casual raid?

    Sense, why you no make it?!
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