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What really annoys me are the fanboys who live in denial.

Right at this very moment Blizzard have another team already working on WoW's next expansion when they could be adding more content to the current one. They did this during Cataclysm as well, and we all know how that turned out.

Blizzard are just being extremely cost efficient. Good for them. Bad for you.
We are getting content patches every 3 months. We got another tier of raiding exactly 6 months after Mop launched. What is the problem? You had a point in Cata but this isn't Cata anymore and no one in this thread is a fanboy but you are an irrational hater. Cost efficient? Give me a fucking break. You don't save money by hiring new developers and artists.

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Wow... not in any other market have I seen customers who, judging by their replies and who I assume are not shareholders, actively defending and encouraging a company to short them in order to increase profitability.
How are we being shorted? Blizzard promised faster content patches and now they are finally following through. Again this was a valid point before Mop but it is no longer valid. Until Blizzard fucks up and has a long period without new content again there is no reason to be crying about it. In fact if Blizzard does pull another year without content again I will join in with those complaining because they have proven they can get content out faster now. They opened a can of worms by doing so and going back would be absolutely detrimental to them and the profitability of this game.

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Cata had half the content compared to Wrath.

If you want to defend Blizzard being cheap, feel free.
Revamped Azeroth was content. Was it content worth development time at the expense of end game content? Hell no but it was still content. Blizzard should have revamped Azeroth in content patches and not an expansion. They had an interesting vision for Cata but it just didn't pan out and that is fine. I would rather Blizzard try new things. Keep in mind this is just a video game. If you aren't happy with it you can take a break and come back later when things are changed.

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gamers defend their right to get less to the death

it's hilarious and they're NEVER informed
As opposed to people like you and the OP who beat on the "blizz sucks" drum at every opportunity whether it is warranted or not.

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Check out the fanbois of WarZ
They are far worse than any Blizzardfanboi at defending inferior products.
You know what? The real fanboys are people like you who hate Blizzard and their games and the people who still enjoy them and yet can't let it go even after all these years.

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Popularity does not beget talent. Take of that what you will.
Well if Wow is a crappy game then Blizzard must be doing something right to have four times the amount of subscribers of every single other subscription based mmo. The numbers don't lie.

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See that's kind of my point. Where does this thinking come from? A company making over a Billion a year off WoW alone has more than enough resources to outsource to smaller gaming firms to basically have unlimited developers. Even if they didn't want to do that, they have every college kid falling all over themselves to get in at Blizzard to have that on their resume. Saying "there's only so many developers" is absurd.

As for them spreading themselves to other games, I really don't care if D3 is a smash hit, or Starcraft for that matter, I'm only concerned with the games I play. It's not my responsibility as a customer (or even a share holder) to ensure the success of their other products.
What part of "Blizzard is hiring more developers" do you not comprehend?

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You guys are completely missing the point.

Why does it have to be "either or" with a company that has as many resources as Blizzard?

Like, "we can give you some 5 mans, but then we have to deal you a POS raid like Dragon Soul." You want an awesome raid? "Then we can only give you that raid and no 5 mans or simply reskinned content."

That's the issue.

With a company the size of Blizzard, there's no reason for them not to be delivering a daily hub, 5 mans, scenarios, and a new raid EVERY major patch.

This "either or" crap has now cost MoP any future 5 mans and is simply blizzard running a skeleton crew of developers so they can continue to put the bulk of their resources into other things.
No YOU are missing the point. You think just because you want something in game that Blizzard is obligated to hop to it and hire any new developers necessary. There is a reason Blizzard is starting to tell people like you to take a hike.

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Blizzard isn't broke; they are maximizing profits. It's what publicly traded enterprises do... unfortunately. We get screwed, workers get screwed and shareholders get rich.
So stop giving them money. Problem solved. You do know you can do that right?