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    Adult late night LF 1 dps, 1 heals, 14/16N, 8:30-11pm PST

    Hello, come check out Conspiracy!

    We're an alliance guild on the PST PvE US-Hyjal server. We run a 10man raiding group that went 8/8H in DS; we are currently 14/16 in tier 14.

    Our raid times are Tuesday/Thursday/Monday 8:30-11pm PST (11:30pm - 2am EST).

    We are currently looking for 1 dps and 1 healer. We can most combinations of classes, as long as one has heroism (but full on pally/priest/locks). This is a guaranteed raid slot; in exchange we ask 90%+ attendance.

    Our guild is very stable - we were formed on the first day of vanilla WoW and have had the same guild leader since. We have been raiding together since Molten Core. About half of our raid group is made up of people who have been playing together for 3-6 years. We are a very close group of older adults - our ages range from late 20's to mid 40's. We are laid back and have a lot of fun raiding together, but get more serious when it's boss time.

    If this sounds interesting to you, come find me on Hyjal (Clostridia is my main), talk to me on Stef#1290, email me at xyrryus(at)yahoo(dot)com, or drop off an app at our website itspallygear.com

    Good luck in your search, and I hope to hear from you soon!
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    Still looking!

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    Bumpity bump bump

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