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    Audio ads from your ad network are bad.

    These things have been hated since day 1 of the internet. Anything that auto-plays audio always gives the end user a horrible experience.

    Your current ad network is cycling audio ads through your banner spots in your footer and it's already making me reduce my page views because I don't want to get hit with another loud commercial auto-playing. Just thought you should know.

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    Use this thread

    Report bad ads

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    Ya there's a sticky for that but I will chime in and say that I've been getting audio adds more frequently too recently.

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    been getting them on my curse client recently.
    THAT totally confused the hell out of me as I closed all browsers down to find the source and still had some audio add playing.
    Internet adds should be seen and not heard

    Yep still getting them.
    Would REALLY like to know how, if the adds are targeted that me, As a Male who shaves my head gets an audio advert for a Womans Haircare products :s
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    Reporting them in the bad ads thread with screenshot + link would be very helpful. I've asked our ads people to take a look; we'll get them removed as soon as we can.

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    OMG - I was thread whoring it up, and had multiple tabs open, they 4 of them STARTED PLAYING SOUND. All the same add, playing about 1 second apart. I just about shot myself. I closed them, but next time I will try to get which add it was.

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