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    To me arena was nothing more than another kind of WF map. I never took it seriously - and the only reason it is a headache is because of ratings. If they(blizzard) want less complaints - leave in Arena, take out ratings that stroke people's epeens. Seriously, I just find it fun to 2vs2 - or 3vs3 or.. whatever. Please don't tell me to just start that up on my own in TB or something - because that isn't rational. What I got from that statement by Daglar were alot of assumptions of what WILL happen if they did arena. The whole a top comp will emerge, balance will be broken, people will cry. He works for trion and designs implements for Rift so he does know better, I am not a fool to say I know better. But, it's more like - well give it a shot and see before "you know" what will happen. He's probably right, and you have all pointed out the expense of the whole thing - I appriciate all of your views and arguements - the rift threads on this site are SO MUCH BETTER than the wow and politico ones because everyone kinda talks friendly like and they dont turn into shit fests.

    It is the only thing I miss from wow - IMHO everything is better in Rift (maybe missing super hard heroic raids). Only thing that's missing is the arena-type combat - and i miss it. I would take it in any form it came, balanced or not - just so it was there.

    But yes logically it requires resources they don't currently have, this boy can hope though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Puremallace View Post
    Blizzard is on year 8? They still have not got it to work.
    And they've said multiple times that if they had it to do over, they wouldn't have done arenas at all. Now compare WoW's old talent system to the Rift soul system, and realize the sheer magnitude of balance frippery Trion would have to deal with. I'd have to opt out, too.

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