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    2v2 - Destruction help against Heal/DPS Comp

    Started doing some 2v2 tonight, myself and a healing priest. We are both in about full Malevolent gear, we did pretty good for most the night, but the teams that gave us the hardest time was anything healing/DPS. We have a game agaisnt a HPaly/Rogue that lasted 20min, Disc/Rogue that took near 30min, etc. We lost most of these games minus one (somehow). I'm really struggling on what I can do... If they go for me, I have no chance to DPS and the whole game is defensive till I die. If they go for the priest, I lack the burst to nuke one down before the healer saves em. I seem to lack the persistent slow of other classes and I feel like my nukes aren't powerful enough to put someone on defensive.

    Anyone have some advice to better handle healer teams?

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    If you asked last season I would've suggested playing Demo or Affliction instead of Destro, but since the removal of Blood Fear and the recent Demo and Affliction "hotfixes", warlock/healer has no purpose in 2s atm... If you really like 2s and want to play it for fun, play double dps, the games are extremely fast, you'll save hours of your life by trying to cap as healer/warlock and it's way, way less frustrating. I played both on the recent PTR and this week on live with rogue, mage or spriest, and they're all fun comps, especially with shadow priest.

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