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    Hey everyone,

    My name is Lance and I play a MW named Mistfist. I am currently 2823 CR with a 2850 mmr and I decided to stream and answer any questions fellow MW's have (or anyone)! My twitch is and I'll be streaming more and more as my college workload decreases.

    Please throw the channel a follow and tune in when I go live, I look forward to securing r1 this season with all of you! I will also be checking this thread if anyone has any questions that can't wait!

    Past experience: First season playing competitively! Played on and off since Vanilla but I used to PvE and only arena for fun but this season I wanted to go for the title and I really enjoy monks without healing sphere spam so it was the perfect time to start. I quit most of MoP and Cata although I heard cata had great arena seasons so I wish I could've played back then. I also play an Ele and hpal but I'm not very good on them:P

    Mistfist- Proudmoore
    Mistyfisty - Kel'thuzad (alt MW)

    Mod edit: Put in your twitch aswell since you copy pasted the erased version.
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    New Orleans
    I'm a new streamer, pretty much just streaming for fun I play feral druid at around 1800 right now.

    IGN: Veredre on US Tichondrius.

    Come say hi

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    I recently started streaming as well. My stream is and I mainly stream for fun on my Disc Priest (almost 1900 in both 2v2 and 3v3)

    Stop by if you have any advice or simply wish to have a good time!!

    Im also leveling a rogue via arenas and stream almost all the time I'm playing

    Hope you guys stop by!!

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    Hello all! I'm from Portugal (PT/BR stream) and I'm currently streaming on Twitch, mostly with my Assassination Rogue and WW/MW Monk
    Here's my nickname: WytorGG (please search for it if you're interested)

    Hope you all enjoy it and feel free to communicate with me at anytime!


    2v2 -> 1550

    3v3 -> 1500

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    Channel URL:

    Classes: Primarily Mistweaver Monk, some Windwalker, rarely Warrior/Feral Druid.

    Channel Contents: Primarily BGs, Arenas, RBGs, rarely PvE.

    Approximate CR: 1800-2.2k RBGs (really depends on the season), 2k 3's, 2's, 5's

    Most of my play is with friends or people who don't competitively PvP, so you're not likely to see a lot of high level play, but we have our moments, and in RBGs, you'll see just how strong Mistweavers can be (though we're not in MoP anymore).

    Feel free to stop by and watch, I usually play with a headset so if you wanna chat, I will read and respond ^_^.

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    Hey dudes ! I play mist weaver monk and stream everyday. Playing alot of pvp from arenas and bgs to other random things. I just started streaming this week so would really appreciate feedback on it and hopefully you guys come and check it out. Would be cool to get to play with you guys from mmo c

    Hope to start seeing some faces in the chat

    Peace !

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    twitch tv/buttercocoa

    1900+ Rated Survival Hunter. I play mostly African turtle cleave

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    Sup guys, almost new streamer here ,playing Dk & Warr. I'm actually streaming some Unholy PvP and Warrior PvP/PvE(chill nothing serious), mostly Bg's and Rbg's in the morning and 2s/3s arena in the evening

    last season i've played at 2400mmr, i play Dk (My main) since Wotlk day 1, also my warrior (my main ALT).

    If you guys wanna see some unhealable skill (yolo) and big numberz ,please join my channel:


    Enjoy my stream and have fun!

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    Orionid - MM Hunter PoV
    <Vindicatum> Icecrown-US
    1750+ Rating 2s

    Hunter/Holy Paladin is current 2s comp. Only started about a week or 2 ago so higher rating on the way soon. RBGs on weekends. Looking for 3s partner! Obsorbsion is Holy Paladin.
    55th US Mythic Archimonde guild so raid streams on too. As well as occasional Xbox One, mostly Halo 5.

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    No its not a weed stream. Just a gamertag Ive had for 13yrs.

    Streaming just about everyday around 1pm PST - 9pm PST (sometimes longer on days I have off)

    DH pvp - Coming soon, but not fucking soon enough!

    Dk pvp - Casual 1850 - 1900cr
    Hardcore - 2k - 3.1k? (I say 3.1k cause I dont know where my limit is...yet. I try not to be that egotistical but if you want to reach the stars you need to shoot for the edge of the universe right?)

    Bluntron TV is just a place I created to chill, and for me to be giving to others. Right now til legion, we're just being champions and being awesome at it.

    Come Legion, its everything Demon Hunter. Demon Hunter Havoc pvp/pve and Demon Hunter Vengeance pvp/pve.
    I'm currently working a DH guide for Havoc. I wont release it til everything bout demon hunter's talents and pvp talents etc are released. It wont be theory crafted because Im bad at number crunching. But will give you an overall understanding on what to do, what to pick for what situations that includes both raids and arenas/rbgs. And I'll update it once the numbers are crunched of course.

    Been playing wow since 2006 and have been among the TOP US guilds. Now focused on the pvp aspect of the game, planning on spending the next 10yrs of wow there, and being just as hard core with pvp as I was with pve back in the day. Atm casually I'm at the 1850 - 1900cr when i put a little time into it (casual means no voice pretty much, and pvping 2-4 times a week for an hour or two)

    Come chill, be champions, if you like 90s anime you would probably like following my channel or at least hitting the button.

    And remember if I was anymore awesome, I would probably be you.
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    Multi R1 Hunter PvP stream,

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    Hey all,

    With the recent expansion, PvP has declined so much. I feel a lot of this is because of the toxic PvP community that is pretty prevalent now a day. Along with some other things.. *cough*Holinko*cough*. I digress.

    Anyways... I feel this environment makes it pretty damn hard for New players, or players who are trying to get better at PvP, progress. This is where I am wanting to at least try to help. I am a 2.3xp multi season player, and at the very least, know the fundamentals of arena.

    I have created a stream -- link removed -- where I run skirms and talk about each class, how to play against them, and some things to keep in mind when you are in the arena in general. I will do my best to answer any and all questions you guys have. I also LOVE to play skirmishes with my viewers. I feel like bringing players in, and actually playing with them helps people progress much more than anything. I had a ton of people help me progress in my early PvP days, and am just wanting to give back now.

    So, all I ask is to come out and at least check out my stream ( stream times below). Maybe you'll learn something, or maybe you'll just meet some other PvP'ers who enjoy the game as well. In return, all I ask is for a simple follow. I am not doing this for the money, as I have a pretty successful day job. I am really just wanting to give back to the community that helped me grow, and try to remove some of the toxicity that we have today.


    - Serion

    Stream times:
    Most nights: 6:30pm - 10pm CST

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    Destruction Warlock! BGs, Arenas, Duels. Nothing serious, just good music, and commentary!! Just started streaming to if you like please share!

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    Gladiator Mage Streaming

    New streamer I am a Gladiator Mage currently playing Mage, Shaman and Hunter.

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    Multi gladiator rogue s2-s6 will be streaming & maining Demon Hunter in Legion and onwards.

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    I am going to stream RBGs, Arena and normal BGs as Demon Hunter. Will also do WQ from time to time but will focus on PvP. I play WoW since vanilla but mostly in PvE and will start my PvP career in Legion.

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    Tburgs - Rogue and Guild Leader - Streaming 2.1xp rogue arenas, RBGs and Guild Leader!

    *Edit: Assassination rogue!
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    Hello all!

    My name is Oscar, i'm a 23 year old student playing and streaming with the nickname "Ninjagrisn".
    I am a Demonology/Destruction warlock that is mainly playing pvp, but also sometimes streaming pve content as Demonology.

    Last season i played 2v2 at around 2.2 rating and 3v3 i peaked 2186 rating before season ended.
    Right now i'm on a christmas/new years break, but will try to stream warlock arenas as often and much as i can.
    My dream is to be able to do this fulltime, but my realistic goal is to try to entertain as many people as possible while doing what i love (Chaosbolting/imploding unexpecting people).

    When i push for rating i stream in english (playing with 2 old rank1 players this season, can i get glad?), but i sometimes just do chillstreams in swedish.

    Hope to see any of you around, any chat activity is much appreciated and i will try to give full attention for
    whoever visits my stream! All possible destro/demo warlock questions will be answered from my opinion.

    I'm not allowed to post links yet.
    Stream name: "Ninjagrisn"

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    PVP classes video

    Making video's of PVP regarding the follow classes:


    Lidorian - Enchancement shaman


    Darillio - Shadow & Discipline Priest


    Blay Frost

    Check this out on my youtube channel if you want. Search word: Gegora

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