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    Best classes/specs for pre-120 PvP?

    I'm bad at the game so the only time I really PvP is when I'm leveling, specifically with classes which are a bit broken. I remember playing tank in Cata and being an immortal juggernaut, or Disc in MoP (I think?) and facerolling everything.

    Which classes are currently broken in low level PvP, at which brackets?

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    That's a good question.

    Usually melee would be the most broken at lower levels. Casters need a lot of stats to be effective.

    Stuff like hunters/rets/warriors are pretty good when levelling.

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    Ferals are pretty good too.

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    Enhancement shaman are deadly but weak end game,
    Hunters are very good with BM and Survival.
    Warriors are good with heals but weak without or used to be because fury has self healing now but not sure how well it is,
    Rogues are good low bracket tailed of later but get good again after that,
    Not sure on rets but once you get the bubble out the way i find them meh.
    ferals are strong with self healing etc
    Disc priests are crazy at the moment and just can not be killed unless you have a ton of people on them and CC the shit out of them,
    Mage is also decent but a bit of a glass cannon low level because of less utility later on there slows are insane and annoying as hell,

    That is some i can think of anyway but to be honest i just did enh shaman and top the meters most times, Low level it was not great but the higher you get the more the class wrecks, Like really stormstrike procs are crazy and that with crash lightning and pvp talents forked lightning etc make it very good but at 120 it is weak in pve and only decent in pvp now since there healing and mana regen got nerfed,

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    Arms warrior is pretty fun... about to level my SV Hunter.... orr.... my lock... anybody finding success on either SV Hunter or Lock??

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    Fury Warrior and Arcane Mages are both broken

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    What level range are we talking? Everything from 10 to 119?

    I started playing again but can't afford BFA, so I'm stuck at 110, with primarily lock, shadow priest and warrior. I find that bracket alright, except people who out-gear you. No matter how well you play, you can never beat them.

    Also have a BM hunter at 106 and I know they're supposed to be the ultimate noob spec, but I just can't make it work I might just need to play a bit more

    I've always found disc to be a force to be reckoned with, from level 10. Strong shields and decent damage. For my own enjoyment I should probably play disc, but I always forget "heal the team" aspect.
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    Ive been doing 110-119 pretty regularly these days and from what i see is warriors, enhance sham, assass rogue, BM hunters always being near or top of damage and killing blows.

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    Disc priest with masochism talent.
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    I think hunters are the best, but i guess its because im so used to levelling with them

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