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    Mage blue sword transmog

    hey, i decided to go with the pvp sword next season instead of dagger so i wanted to ask you if you got any suggestions which sword would fit well with the s8 mage set. i thought about turning tide (kelthuzad 25 naxx) or the s7 or s8 (idk which season it was) blue meelesword..

    i apologize for my unperfect english, it isnt my mother language but i'm working on it to increase my writing/talking skills :-P


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    http://www.worldofwardrobes.net is a great site for finding weapons of any colour to match sets.
    Give it time to load, it's a slow site but totally worth it.

    (ps, your english is quite good considering it isn't your native tongue!)
    And eight, eight, I forget what eight was for

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    MogIt is a great addon for that! Should check it out.

    if I'm correct, season 8 mage is the purple+blue(wrathful set)?
    If so, here are some suggestions.

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    I don't think this matters nearly as much as you think it does.

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    If you are looking for strictly blue I'd suggest:

    (3D View) Wrathful Gladiator's Slicer (I assume this is still available as wowhead doesn't say it isn't)
    (3D View) Silent Crusader
    (3D View) Void Sabre
    (3D View) Frostguard
    (3D View) Slayer of the Lifeless

    But I also like the Frost Needle that was already suggested.
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    The tank sword from Hyjal raid... Unbreakable will ?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zeglo View Post
    +1 for this. Still my favorite xmog wep. Even went so far as to deck out a full on jedi outfit to go along with it.

    Quote Originally Posted by Lohe View Post
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    These swords have blue glow on them which matches the Tyrannical Gladiator Shoulder.

    The Turning Tide: http://www.wowhead.com/item=40396
    Bloodsurge (normal): http://www.wowhead.com/item=50427

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    thank you guys for the help, i might go for several swords so i can see ingame which of them fits better with my wrathful set.

    my favourites until now are: turning tide, wrathful slicer, frost needle, frostguard, hailstorm and the spellfire longsword (that jedi thing is kinda awesome :P)

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