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    Fist of deity all the way

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    Depends on the toon.

    My paladin - Whichever of my PvP weapons/shield matches my current mog best.
    My Hunter - Vengeful Gladiator's longbow - goes well with the Gladiator's chain armor even though blue/green still looks awesome in-game
    My DK - whichever starting DK weapon fits how I'm feeling.
    My Priest - Key to the planes

    and my rogue is still 85 using the legendary daggers so not mogged until I stop being lazy and level it.

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    Calamity's Grasp beat it !

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    I LOOOOOOVE 5.2, because it offers Mace/Axe options for a Combat Rogue.

    I truly HATE all fist weapons, so I can't wait to start Xmogging to Swords!

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    It's a freaking buzzsaw on your fist.

    Let me make sure you understand that.
    A BUZZSAW, on your wrist.

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    If you're semi-hardcore or semi-casual what's the other half? To me, they're both the same thing.
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    badass name, badass model:

    my favorite

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    I am fond of this sheath on back sword.

    The Unbreakable Will

    Drops from the 2nd boss in Hyjal Summit.

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    Life and Death

    No longer mainhand only. :3

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    Fist of Molten Fury. So glad Blizzard fixed the MH/OH stuff. Looks great with my T5 Cataclysm transmog.

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    These are all pretty good. But I find it hard to find some "really" cool looking daggers. Kinda sad we cant cross xmog to swords/mace/axes with 5.2 changes. Other than a couple 2-3 daggers which I have, anyone else have daggers they like?

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    I'm a fan of simple daggers. The less glow the better.

  17. #17 for swords/other for daggers.

    I refuse to use Fist Weapons, because I hate them.

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    easily the coolest transmog ever if you got it when you could

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    the new Saurjaw Dagger that came out in 5.2, a re-release of the now unobtainable daggers from the original ZA/ZG
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