Malicious Intent is a guild centered on community and cooperation. Our mission is to create an environment in which mature players can enjoy World of Warcraft with others who share their love of gaming in an organized environment. Malicious Intent follows a "guild first" philosophy. From the Guild Leaders and Officers, to the newest players, everyone is expected to contribute time, effort, and treasure toward the guild's goals. These goals are conquering raid content, excelling at PVP, completing achievements, and getting the most out of everything WoW has to offer. All of this is accomplished through a well-structured framework of rules and guidelines that ensure honesty and fairness for all members.

Currently we are level 19 and working on building a raid team. Our members are ages 18+ and we intend on keeping that in place to reduce as many problem as possible and maintain a mature environment. Majority of our members are married, employed and have children so this guild is centered on a release from real life responsibilities and obligation. While we want to exceed at everything we do, but we are not looking to be the elite of the elite. We are building a community of friends who enjoy playing as a group or just hanging out and chatting with other guild members, both ingame and using our TS3 server.

If Malicious Intent sounds like a guild you would be interested in joining, don't hesitate to leave a message here or contact either myself or Rofure in game and we'll have a chat.