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    Alchemy master

    Leveling alchemy atm and time to choose which master i want to be, which one makes me the most gold?

    Haven't level alch sen start of cata, guess stuff have changed

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    Potions are a good way to make money, but it is server dependent.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Santoryu View Post
    Potions are a good way to make money, but it is server dependent.
    Heard transmute is good but do i need JC for that? I just want to make gold with mining/herb/alchemy setup, what's best for gold making with that?

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    if you have mining, Xmute is probably the way to go.

    You can mine ghost iron ore, smelt it to ghost iron bars, then Xmute those to Trillium, with the chance to proc extra Bars. Same with the daily cooldown for Living Stee. (provided the price flux between 1 trillium and 10 ghost iron bars makes it worth it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by flichenstein View Post
    Heard transmute is good but do i need JC for that? I just want to make gold with mining/herb/alchemy setup, what's best for gold making with that?
    depending on realm id suggest having 2 alchemists if you can. one for xmute and one for either pots or elixirs. smelt any ghost iron you get to bars then xmute it to trillium which has no cooldown.
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    I feel like the majority of People Chose Transmute or Elixir Mastery because of higher profits per item, thereby making Potion Master the best choice.
    You should have less competition with current Potions and there are also old profitable Potions like Potion of Invisibility for Challenge Mode runners or the still nicely selling Potions of Treasure finding.

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    I have Potion mastery since TBC, and it pays well
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    I have one transmute and one elixir master, I'm on a rather populated server though and potions/flasks are really cheap.
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    All 3 are capable of making money. I would know, I have all 3. :P

    Having maxed out farms (Sunsong Ranch) on multiple characters combined with several of said characters having alchemy...good times. As others said, though, it is server dependent as to which makes more gold. I would dare say it would even change on each server given time.

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    I personally recommend transmutation. there's nothing like getting a x4 living steel proc It's also nice if you're a JC as well or have a JC alt. you can make ALOT more profit this way.

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    transmutation master tbh, as someone else said its really good when you get a bunch of procs and it works well with jewelcrafting if you decide to have that as your second profession

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    Transmutation is the clear winner at the start of an xpac where the daily transmute profit margin is high. Other than that, pick whichever one you'll use, generally you're probably going to have a hard time making money with one of the three specs unless your server's economy happens to have a gaping hole in it in your favor.

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    As an elixir master I can tell you that the profits aren't what they used to be, There is greater competition but gratefully mats aren't to expensive for them either.

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    They all have their benefits. I'd say it depends what other professions you have. If you do have a miner an/or JC, then Transmute is the way to go imho.
    If you are in a raiding guild, you might wanna consider one of the other two masteries, depending on what your guild actually needs. I used to be Potion Master because we had none in the guild, switched to transmute once I transferred for the low time investment needed to make profit out of it.

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    If you have a jewelcrafter available, transmute is probably the way to go. Nothing like proccing primal diamonds to cut into profitable meta gems.
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    Depends on a lot of things, high or low pop server, stable AH, people playing AH, you got any farmer farming mats for you.

    On a low pop server as I play on transmution is the way to go because prices on living steel beltbuckle can shoot up to 800 - 900 g per item (recomended that you farm spirits of harmony because "Riddle of steel" can proc from it, got a 5x proc yesterday )

    Though if you can get a "farmer" to farm for you and you just pay him for his delivery's you can make a lot of money with pot/elix master.

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