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    Which raids do you run every week

    So as the title asks what raid do you run every week? Obviously the mists raids are something everyone runs at some point in the week but I'm talking which raids do you run for mounts, achievements, reps, or just because you like the look of them.

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    Used to run ICC 25 for achi mount and MC for Sulfuras every week, while I'd run Malygos every 2 weeks or so for mount, but since I'm done with those 3 I'm taking a short break from old raids before I go into Firelands to try and get the Pureblood Firehawk, which will probably take forever.

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    Currently Ony for my drake and TK for my buddy's Al'ar. We try to farm Naxx every couple weeks for the pets but we don't always make it lol. And thanks for reminding me about MC, I need to finnish that rep this week.

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    I run ToT and heroic MSV on a weekly basis, but not much else. I sometimes go to Molten Core for a chance at Garr's binding, and occasionally to TK for Ashes, but I haven't done either of those last two in several weeks.

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    I forgot to add the ones I usually run. I do TK, Ony, and kara every week on a few toons for the mounts and soon I think I'll start icc for shadowmourne

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    • MC (farming Gedon's Binding for years)
    • BT (MH Glaive)
    • Ony (mount)
    • TK (mount)
    • FL (Alys mount)

    Usually takes me about 1.5 hours either on tuesday or over the weekend.
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    i never ran a specific raid every week back when i played, but when i was bored i would hit up karazhan, magtheridons lair, mc, zg and aq20 when i was bored.

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    Karazhan and tempest keep right now, used to do onyxia but got the drake and is gonna have a go at alys in FL when i get around to it.

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    Ran everything until I got pretty much all the rare drop mounts, now I'm down to:

    World bosses on all chars, with a coin roll on each. Gief just one mount :<
    TotFW on my Druid and Warlock for the Mount (have an Al'akir save on my other alt :P).
    All the current LFR wings on every char, bit of a hassle, will get worse when all 4 are out :P But I typically bypass the ones that don't offer stellar drops. Mainly interested in gearing my solo'ing chars, specifically my DK for LK HC.

    That's about it really.

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    Currently none than the MoP ones...

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    I solo Ony, and Tk for the mounts on my mage and pally everyweek. Do Mal too sometimes if I have the time. Used to solo mc, but luckly got thunderfury finally during ds. I would solo fl to, love that firebird mount, but luckily was one of the first on my server to get it on my alt, gotta love account bound mounts.

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    dragon soul heroic...
    fucking boots

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    Currently just TK 4 times a week. Once I get Ashes I'll put more effort into farming Shadowmourne on my DK and into finding some people to share lockouts with to 11/12 normal ICC and 1/2 Throne of the Four Winds.

    Edit: Oh yeah, a 4/8 and 7/8 DS lockout would be nice too.

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    Ony - Mount
    SWP - Transmog stuff
    Kara - Mount
    EOE - Mounts.

    First time I cleared VOA I got the mount from their so was pretty lucky I guess. Not got round to trying to solo FL for the mount there yet.
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    3 weeks now - only ToT and MC for bindings. Got all the mounts already (aside of al'akir).. guess I'm lucky

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    I'm playing on hunter now as my main, and I'm running SWP mostly - for Golden Bow of Quel'thalas (transmog) and Thori'dal (achievement and RP purposes). Well, I'm a blood elf :P
    I also run Kara, just because I like that place very much; and ICC for the 'challenge' (it does offer me challenge, I'm not a top-end hunter, and soloing is a nice way of learning the ropes)
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    -AQ [Both]
    -Molten Core


    -Dragon Soul

    Been running DS and Ulduar for over 70 weeks straight now with none of the mounts dropping; My groups know what I'm after and are lending a hand in exchange for some TCG loot once this hell is over. Outside Karazhan, which is also for the mount, the rest are just for a quick gold farm.
    I'll throw in whatever else people want to do ontop of that but those are the ones I get locked to either every week or every other week.

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    Karazhan, Onyxia and TK for the mounts.

    I reckon I should add Alysrazor to the list but I haven't found the heart to try her yet. Every now and then I dabble around in Uld 25 for Val'anyr shards as well.
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    Onyxia on two chars and Tempest Keep for my friend on two chars too.
    Dont need anything else.

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    Tk for alar with 5 chars every week..

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