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    Warbringers, bringing people together since 5.2

    Here's for a positive thread!

    I've had my fair share of stolen kills, people trying to get me flagged and whatnot. But here's to your stories about good things happening!

    During the past days, (and really for a long time), I have decided that if I see people already killing a warbringer (or the 5.0 rares before), I will help them kill it. One day, I will be happy when those people will help me in return.
    So I saw this horde hunter with his friend kiting a warbringer. I got myself killed trying to help, as it's not very great being a cat among meteors etc., but at least they had a bit less to dps. A day later, my hunter friend and me are dps'ing a different warbringer, and I see a hunter watching us, and joining in eventually. When the warbringer was dead, they did a /highfive and I saw that it was the hunter I helped earlier.

    Fast forward a few more warbringers, my solo bear butt landed in Krasarang, where a horde shaman and a priest were already waiting. The warbringer spawned 5 seconds later, and neither of us did the first move. I really couldn't be bothered jumping in, trying to solo (though I can, but it's a hassle and takes time), when they had been actually there before me, so when they pulled, I helped them. They thought I was trying to mess their tag up, but eventually around half health, they realized I wasn't. The shaman stopped kiting (he was nearly dead at that point), I tanked the warbringer, and him and the priest dps'ed from range. When he was dead, they cheered and bowed, and the fuzzy feeling was worth more than a potential mount.

    This morning I asked a warlock and hunter who were at a spawn if I could group up with them, as the hunter I just had been in a party with went off and I really didn't want to be one person trying to solo with others hoping I'd die. I told them I wanted the Jade one, and they invited me, warbringer spawned, we kill it and the Slate drops! The first time ever me and them saw a mount drop. We agreed to greed, and I won it! However, since I told them I wanted Jade, and didn't really care about other colours, I felt bad. They didn't have to invite me, and they were perfectly happy with me getting the mount. But I passed it to the warlock. I think he was happy. We killed plenty more warbringers, but, no more mounts. It doesn't matter! I have found more farming partners, and sooner or later I will get the one I want!

    For all those guardian druids soloing, entangling roots for the spirit is invaluable!

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