Hi there

I got a twink and i love to do the new quests there, so no i'm not complaining about people trying to gank me. Well actually .. a bit.
But not because of the players, but because of the npc's!

I get that on a pvp server you pay pvp on pvp quests .. wow 3 times the same word so it has to be right. So you equip what? EXACLTY pvp Gear so you won't get skullfucked by some retarded 2 year old that fond his 1shot ololo warriorz are cool marko.
But with the pvp gear the npc's that your are supposed to hit .. well .. they die .. but slow and they tend to realy mess with you.

So a) you switch to your 510+ pve gear for the npcs or b) you go to your 480 someting pvp gear for the players
Why not just mark the npc's as "players" so that pvp gear works on them (so basicly the 50% pvp power got an effect) and you don't have to worry about players (or you atleast don't stand there with the wrong gear)

or maybe i'm the only one that think this is "not so great" (yeah that sounds nicer then "fucking retarded dipshit")

yeah i know "you don't have to do the quests" but i'd like to do them.