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    Spirit of Harmony - What to buy?

    Ok so i have stockpiled spirit of harmony out of pure laziness and i currently have close to 200 of them...

    Im currently out of gold so i need to spend them on something to make the gold!

    Im on Silvermoon Alliance EU and obviously prices on servers varies but any advice would be appriciated, i dont have any crafting professions and i cant afford to level any atm either.

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    I would imagine that food tokens or golden lotus would be the most profitable atm.

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    check wowhead for what you can buy then check ah prices. also if you do all the Davies you'll end up with plenty of gold

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    Get Food tokens with them IMO then sell the items you can buy with food tokens.

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    Selling of all your SoH as cooking mats will be hard, even if it is the better overal gold maker. I'd buy 5 or 10 and put them on the AH and see if you sell them in good time. If they sell quickly, then just keep on selling them, if they don't I'd start putting SoH towards Golden Lotus. Much larger volume market, so more chances for sales. The gold barely makes a difference too, from what I saw on Undermine Journal. You'd sell 1 Soy Sauce for 60 gold, or 2 Golden Lotus for around 30g each.

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    Check your realm on the undermine journal.

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    Golden Lotus is probably the simplest and most straightforward decision, but on some servers the food prices can really spike. So basically Golden Lotus if you're lazy, food if you wanna penny pinch

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    I would say archeology bits. Go for the various pets and mounts. That's my plan when I finish them. I use enigma seeds for Golden Lotus... I have roughly 200 of them and no herbers.

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    Been converting them to herbs and giving them to my other half for her Inscription staff.
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    I just use mine to buy golden lotus so I can teransmute jewels : / not a big fan of grinding rep for crafting recipes on my black smith and enchanter.

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    I pretty much use them for golden lotus as they don't serve much purpose for me beyond that.

    It depends what your proffs are and if you can turn the mats into something profitable or something you can use yourself and which you value more.

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    I use them for making royal bags.

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