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    Dc'ing at 90% on loading screen?

    Hey guys and girls.
    I have a random issue I have never had before, as far as I recall at least.

    Logged onto wow after work, done some daily quests, used my HS back to the Shrine and figured I'd fly to the BMAH to check whats up on it.
    When I HS'd, I noticed there were no NPC's or players anywhere. Ran outside the Shrine, nothing still.. Figured I was DC'ing or something, logged off, logged on, still no NPCs.
    Flew to the BMAH, the Auction NPC wasn't there either.
    Figured I relog again and boom, as soon as I hit the loading screen 90%. Dc.
    Tried again, another DC. Turned off all addons, again, same thing.
    Ran the repair tool and tried again with addons still off and still the same thing. Tried logging other chars on the realm and they all work fine with addons on or off... I'm totally stumped. I have no idea how to sort it. Restarted comp, router, deleted Cache and moved my original WTF file out but all results are the same. My Main Char will just DC at 90% on the loading screen.

    Anyone had this, or know anyone who has, and that can help me get this sorted. It's a pain in the arse :<

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    If your location is true and you're scottish, then this is irrelevant, but I used to get stuck at 90% now and then, a while back. Turned out one of the popular internet providers in Sweden had routers which caused this. I fixed it by getting a newer version of the router.

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    I had this a year ago. Thompson router... Soloved by getting a different router.

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    Recount error does this, usually.

    As the other said could be the router but every time i have this issue i delete Recount.lua in the WTF folder and voila fixed, but in your case seems like it might not be that ;D

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    Hey Relis, if the issue persists, we'd also be happy to take a look into this for you. As needed, I would ask that you collect a trace route and your system diagnostics, then attach those to a ticket for us to review.


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