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    question concerning in-game tickets

    when i put a ticket in 3 days ago, the average wait time was about 5 and a half days. right now, the average says 3 days. does this new average mean around 3 days from right now, or 3 days from when i opened the ticket?


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    Ive given up taking any notice on how long an in game ticket will take to be answered.
    Had some in the past that say 3 days and are then answered a couple of minuets later, and at the moment I have a ticket that I put in 4 days ago and its not been looked at.
    Guess it all depends on the issue concerned. Players being stuck are usually sorted pretty quickly, where as other more complex tickets may be read and then passed on to a more senior GM or team that can help you.
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    Hi Nollie, thanks for hanging in there, we apologize that our queues are so long right now. The time you see is an estimation based on the oldest ticket in that queue at that time. It's not a perfect estimation, but I know that usually tickets are answered sooner than what you'll see displayed there. Feel free to PM me if you have any questions.

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