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    The Brawler's Guild 2.0 - PvE Endgame Arena (ft. Raid Bosses)

    What ho,

    How would you feel about the Brawler's Guild returning in the form a challenging PvE Endgame Arena for 1-20 players? (It could still be the Brawler's Guild, but they would have to overhaul it.)

    How to Access

    Available in every city, and via the Group Finder tool.

    Content Types

    • 1-man solo encounters.
    • 3-man group encounters.
    • 5-man group encounters.
    • 10-man group encounters.
    • 20-man group encounters
    • Free-For-All encounters (last man standing).

    Who's it for?

    The Arena is endgame PvE content for 1-20 players. It exists alongside Raids and Dungeons, but it doesn't replace them. It's meant for everybody, but will be ideal to a certain group of players who currently find themselves without much endgame that suits them. It can be just as hard as a Mythic raid, thus requiring preparation, while also taking up very little time. Flexibility would be the keyword here.

    Time comparison:

    • Arenas: Low time commitment required.
    • Dungeons: Medium time commitment required.
    • Raids: High time commitment required.

    What are the Rewards?

    This is yet to be decided, but I think it would vary depending on the type of fight. A raid boss should in my view reward real raid loot, but perhaps there should be a limit to how many pieces of loot you could find each week, to ensure regular raids remain important. Beyond that, I think various currencies are ideal.

    How does it work?

    It'd be just like the Brawler's Guild in terms of mechanics. You sign up for a fight, and an encounter spawns. It would be instanced, however, so you wouldn't have to wait in line for your turn.

    Additionally, the Challenge Card-system would be carried over from the Brawler's Guild. So you could find, buy, or craft (Inscription) cards to summon various encounters as well. Some of these can be very rare and extremely lucrative, sort of like the Raid Boss version of a Treasure Goblin.

    Once the encounter is won, you claim your loot from a chest and may leave or remain for another fight.


    I think this is a great opportunity for some interesting diversity of aesthetics as well. The Arena in Darnassus could have a Night Elven theme; the one in Thunder Bluff a Tauren theme, and so on.

    Additional Benefits:

    Beyond serving as the ideal form of endgame content for somebody like me (who has little time, but would like tough encounters nonetheless), it would also be a perfect distraction in times of content droughts. For example, Blizzard could release a few new encounters with every patch. Since there is no need for additional work (lore, level design, etc.) beyond simply designing the encounter, this would be a nice compromise when they don't have the time to release new raids or dungeons.

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    I would personally enjoy a system like this as someone who takes great joy in soloing harder old content and even current content. However I don't really feel the brawlers guild is the right way to go about this, it has its own niche atm and i think it's fine, just needs more fights or maybe a 3 man mode in addition to its current solo mode would be cool.

    A 1 man 3 man 5 man 10 man 20 man etc in 1 system seems overkill, theres a reason they design raids with the big buildings and lots of trash mobs with the lore built in even though I don't care about most of that personally.

    TL;DR - A slight upgrade to the brawlers guild would be nice, not a total revamp like this.

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    Honestly, that's a really, really good. I always felt that the TotC stuff should have been a seperate kind of content from actual raiding and continued forward and this isn't too far off.
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    They will have a hard time balancing the fights for the different groups. I like the idea thought but Free for all must not reward a prize because then it would all be hunters and mages winning.

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    I like the idea, but as someone above me said, it will be a nightmare to balance.

    When i think of how Blizzard would implement this, it might be in a way that certain bosses woupd fit for certain encounters...
    That way, the balance won't be much of an issue, but it will gate players that can only play in certain ways.

    As well as the problem with balancing the classes themselves. Some classes will always have an advantage over others especialy in solo gameplay *cough* Hunters *cough*

    But overall a good idea.

    And thanks Mojo, for allways trying and make suggestions to make the game more interesting and exciting... Yoy are a rare breed.

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    I'd like to see some group boss cards, and anyone who plays the card at the npc to activate the boss joins in on the fight. The NPC yells 'x player played a y group boss card' and anyone present can buy and play the same card, and when the turn comes around they all join the fight. Similar to what they were trying to achieve with garrison group bosses but more organic at a more open and populated area.

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