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    Prebuilt systems similar to Chaud's recommendations?

    I like Chaud's recommendations, but I'm not going to build it myself. Is there anywhere to buy a prebuilt system similar to what he's recommending?

    I'd like to pickup something like his Narwhal build for example:

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    IBuyPower and CyberPowerPC have fairly long list and you can pick and choose, but the price will be around $100-200 higher than DIY method and they might not have the exact parts listed above.

    Also as a personal comment on Chaud's list... Not getting 250GB SSD is a tragic mistake instead of 120, especially when the budget goes over $1k as it is the biggest quality of life improvement possible.
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    Its highly recommended to build it, if you can, or know someone who does. As Vesseblah said, you lose anywhere from 100-200 or more on labor, markup, and shipping. I just went to IBuyPower and a pretty much same system (3570K, 8gb ram, 660ti, 240 SSD/ 1tb HD) came out to 1400.

    So basically you either need to settle with less parts, or a bigger budget, or build it.
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