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    Destruction shift-macros.

    Hey guys.

    I was wondering if some of you macro experts could give me some advice regarding making FnB macro's.

    Basically, what I want is a macro where when i press 1 without shift held down, it casts Incinerate, with shift held down, I want it to cast FnB and then Incinerate.

    I have been trying with a macro like "/cast [nomod] Incinerate
    /cast [mod:shift] Fire and Brimstone; Incinerate" But it only seems to activate FnB and not cast Incinerate, anyone got a clue how to fix this, I have made sure that the shift-1 keybind is unbound and all that, I just can't figure out why it's not working.

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    Try this:

    /cast [nomod] Incinerate; [mod:shift] Fire and Brimstone

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    It still only casts FnB and then stops, maybe I need to insert some kind of /spellsequence line in the macro for it to cast both spells while under shift:mod.

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    /cast [mod:shift] Fire and Brimstone
    /cast Incinerate

    It works, but I don't use this macro myself, as it seems to bug out sometimes. I use a castsequence on a different keybind, but it requires you to press the button twice.

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    /castsequence [mod:shift] reset=3 Fire and Brimstone, Incinerate
    /cast Incinerate


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    Kuroto: That works perfect, cheers and thank you to all who contributed to the thread

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