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    Least favorite challenge mode set?

    I was looking through the challenge mode sets today and I have to say that I really dislike the priest one. Most of them I'm okay with and some of them are straight up badass but I can't stand the priest set.

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    priest and warrior are kind of crap. mage, warlock, druid are the best ones imo.

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    Probably priest for me, too.

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    The mage one is awful. I haven't been able to get the motivation to go after golds since I saw it. When the expansion was announced, Challenge Modes were one of the things I looked forward to the most. Kind of a shame.

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    Probably monk.

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    I hate the warlock set most. The concept is pretty cool but is executed really bad. I've seen turds look better than that set.

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    Don't like the hunter set. Maybe it looks good on some races but on my draenei it looks horrible (especially the helm).

    Priest set is horrible too. Just really dull and uninteresting looking.

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    Surely not DK... I've even been tempted to reroll because of it looks so good (Looks > Class > Gear for me haha)
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    monk looks so cheap...

    And well the warrior one i am only wearing it cause i dont have anything else but i dont realy like it

    i love DK/pala/priest

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    Originally I disliked how the DK set looked more strikingly more like a PvP set, personally. (Other than it has 3 spikes on both shoulders. It if was even 2 on front/back it'd be too familiar) Some of them have little touches that could have been better, but I'd probably be least motivated to get that one.

    Hunter and priest have a similar problem. Warrior just escapes it. ...Alright, so I really only like paladin, rogue and shaman. Lucky them.
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    Shaman is so crap ! It is 100% designed for horde ! especially for Tauren ! I hate to see it on Draenei and Dwarf it is so Hordish (

    Rogue and Paladin are best!
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    I agree, Shaman on anything but Tauren looks lame.
    I Cant even tell if a Monks wearing there CM Gear or another Monk set, its too similiar

    Priests, Warlocks, Mages, Druids, Warriors dont do anything for me, but they are'nt bad either.

    Rogue concept looks kool
    Hunter would look better with a much better helm, current one is a POS

    Paladins look great, love the wings
    my DK loves his CM Gear XD

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    Warlock is absolutely atrocious imo.

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    I'm not too impressed with the Warrior's set
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    Mage set is so bad I completely wrote off challenge modes.

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    Mage for worst, Paladin for best.

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    The priest is one is just awful; from the dull, dreary colours to the silly looking shoulders. Paladin one is far and away the best though; especially on a Blood Elf female.
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    Definately hunter as the least favourite. Monk is probably 2nd worst.

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    Mage and Shaman.

    Mage is just bland, Shaman on the other hand is over the top.

    Favorites are Hunter, Druid and Rogue.

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    Hunter would look better with a much better helm, current one is a POS
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