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    Chaning the mechanics of Warbringers once and for all

    We all know that people have been reset tapping these guys for themselves, and no punishement is ever gonna go out cause blues have said it isn't against the rules. And they say that you should blame the mechanics and not the player. Alright......then we will! For everyone and anyone reading this, whether Alliance or Horde, on a PvP or a PvE server listen up!

    I encourage you all to reset tag these mobs, not for being a jerk, but to create enough of a sweep so that blizz finally admits and ackowledges that something is wrong and it will be fixed. I plan on stating this on other WoW forums, making youtube videos, and other things. And dont worry, since your doing that you "Aren't breaking any rules" as what a GM has said a few days ago so your well in your right, have at it! And you know what, instead of you just doing it get your friends, your guild, YOUR FACTION, THE ENTIRE SERVER in on it as well as , once again, your within your right.

    Furthermore those who dont do it and say its wrong of us, sadly it isn't....because from what blizzard has said "Its the problem of the mechanic and not from the player"....so you dont have to feel guilty about doing it ISN'T THAT GREAT!?

    Also, if any GM's decides to punish people for doing this then you are god damn hypocrites. If it isn't against the rules nor is it a players fault, why should it stop us. And if you do punish folks for doing this why dont you get off your asses and finally making a rule stating this crap isn't tolerated to begin with!

    So, everyone reading this, go have fun with them warbringers, let it be known that us players who pull honestly and fair and square will not lye on our backs when crap like that happens and let it be known that you have made us choose the sword over the pen as so many of us have typed out the problems with these adds. And you have forced us to do this.

    P.S There is a link in a few of the warbringer posts already from GM's saying it isn't against the rules. So check it out, and dont feel guilty, do what they want you to do!

    BTW I made another post for the one I made on the regular forums. I encourage you to give your 2 cents on this and stop the problems once and for all. Its called Ending the problems with Warbringers for good.
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    Why aren't you posting this on your main account?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Voyager View Post
    Why aren't you posting this on your main account?
    Because he knows he sounds like a whiny prick.

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    Change the Warbringer mechanics ?

    No thank you . Let it unchanged. I didn't had such much fun since a lot of time ago.

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    The KW spawn can't be bugged. IMO just make the mobs immune to push backs and stuns etc...

    That way it can't really be intentionally evaded unless the person tagged decides too.

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    I am new here so this is my first post. My main posts are on the actual blizz site. But i plan to post on several wow forums, make videos, and blizzard GM's cant do jack about it as I am not breaking the rules. i am simply informing the public what they can do and once enough people are constantly doing it and the gms are bombarded with complaints and tickets they will be forced to react.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vandam View Post
    Change the Warbringer mechanics ?

    No thank you . Let it unchanged. I didn't had such much fun since a lot of time ago.

    If you wish to keep it the same that's fine too.

    I think the rest of the game should start evade bugging these warbringers.

    I will be doing so on my Shamen.

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