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    transmog fist weapons dissapointment

    I wanted to xmog some fist weapons on my monk but everytime he attacks the weapons dissapears also they show up backwards in the armory sometimes as well. I wanted the weapons to show up in combat just like other weapons and not just for show by pressing buttom z without doing anything. I hope blizzard plans to do a fix on this, otherwise the point to farm these weapons for monk would be useless. (cant comment on other toons using fist weapons on them).

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    Not sure what this has to do with Achievements, but I think this has been requested quite a lot in the past. They want to add it at some point;

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    thank you, now at least i know I am not the only one requesting this.

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    Yeah, this is a known problem, though who knows if Blizzard will ever get around to it. Hopefully!

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    Moving this to General Discussion as I do not see the connection to Achievements.

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    Isnt this like Monk issue then General Discussion ?
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