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    When can we talk about triple spec?

    I'm a long time Warlock and I've played all three specs over the past few years. All three are really fun right now especially with green fire quest (which was hard as hell but worth the work, great work there Blizz) but I'd like the option of changing specs for all the fights. Any word on when this might be possible? Thanks!

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    Don't think Blizzard is planning to add a third spec ;/

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    If you're able to play all the specs, whats the point of having specs?
    We should at least have some choice and have to make decisions in our characater, being able to just have all three specs takes away some customization.

    I see where you're coming from, but triple spec in general will just take away from the little customization classes already have in WoW.
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    As much as I like the idea, the things that Blizz has done to enable simple switching of key talents makes the game much more playable now.
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    I already hate having to keep *two* sets of gear. Takes up too much bag space.

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    'Dual Spec' was for a very long time (years) desired but not possible, without literally respeccing 60 points in a given tree.

    Tri-Spec would just seem like you click 1,2, or 3 to get your desired result.

    With the simplification of the the talent trees I'm really happy with the options we have now. I find myself using a tome to change a talent for a specific encounter/style of play.

    That's not to say you are wrong, but I think we don't need to simplify it any further.

    We have enough to play with at the minute.
    "If you aren't nostalgic of Vanilla WoW, you don't have a heart. If you want to bring it back, you don't have a brain." - Moistmuffins

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    Doubt if they ever will, unless they give every class a 4th talent branch (like they did with Druids), otherwise I highly doubt they ever will.

    And I don't even know that they should, really, I mean there's not really that much of a need for it. It isn't hard to go respec at a trainer, and on top of that there's no real reason to need to have all 3 spec's constantly available. Even if you're raiding there's generally two specs that far outweigh the third for DPS, or if you're a hybrid you can have a Healer/DPS spec or a Tanking/DPS spec. Plus this would make raiding kind of a mess, because you'd have classes like Priests swapping from Disc to Holy to Shadow depending on the fight every time.

    Adding two specs was great so you could PvP/PvE without needing to spend 50g a day on respecs, but there's no real need for three specs.

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