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    Hunter Disengage talent.

    This has probably been asked before somewhere. But when hunters spec into the t1 talent that let's you web opponents as you Disengage, is that web suppused to be unbreakable? Most roots break when you take damage (except from that priest root, maybe) but not this one. Is this a bug or something?

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    They don't break on damage. They should, as all CC should, but they don't.
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    They do break on damage, or at least they did in 5.1. If they don't anymore it's a bug.

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    I was experiencing this as well yesterday on my DK, trying to gear him up and found the web-disengage incredibly annoying - seemed to go full duration despite the hunter + pet tunneling me everytime. Not online right now to test and confirm though, interested if someone could get back on whether or not it is breaking - as that's definitely a bug if true!

    Priest root does break after sufficient damage (like druid root), alternately it has like 25k health - just aoe or punch it and it dissipates
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    They don't break on dmg. They've never broken on dmg. They should break on dmg.

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    That's what I've been getting. Really annoying. Kind of OP. Anyone know if Blizzard has said anything about this?

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    Don't think Blizzard has said anything, but its a bug. It broke before. All roots break, there's no reason this one should be treated any differently.

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    Roots don't break on damage from what I recall. I might be missing something but I sure as hell remember being trained by a Boomkin and their damn roots.
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    This is likely the same issue as fear--while they actually can break to damage, the break threshold is so high that in most cases it won't. It's not like hunters needed any more anti-melee buffs.

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