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    Suggestion for [Going to need a bigger bag]

    First off, I am not posting because I am being whiney or frustrated (source: I'm an achievement whore, if i can put up with completing the archaeology tab, this is cake). However, I would like to suggest a couple options for the achievement to acquire all things sought-after on the timeless isle!

    1. Simply give 50 points for completing the achievement rather than 10
    2. Keep the achievement at 10 points, but add a reward (Heavenly Jade Cloud serpent hint hint!)
    3. Have a higher drop rate for the rare items, I personally have terrible RNG and have killed some rares on a low pop server 30+ times. I've spent at least 50 hours farming the isle (I'm unemployed lolol) and barely reached the halfway point for collecting.

    Don't get me wrong, I will continue to grind this out as my fellow nerd point whores will, but perhaps if there is enough input maybe there will be a tweak to the achievement in the future. Any thoughts?

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    I would like a better reward for it, a giant bag with 40-50 slots for the bank only or something would be pretty nice. But yea it seems pretty annoying to collect so many really rare things and like pets have to be looted to count.

    Oh and high population servers are terrible for most of it...
    Ricotta,Corleggy Retired.

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    Worst (or best?) part is that they already announced that having a separate "tab/menu" for cosmetic items is high on their priority lists. Now you get this feeling of "man, there will be that new tab, so I'll just hold on to these 91283012381283123 items somewhere in my bank tabs for now".

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    Yeah I read that about the tab menu for cosmetic items, they should have done that first lol. A bunch of the items on the timeless isle achievement list I chose not to hang on to though. The rare / epic / pet items are the only ones worth keeping. Which is still a solid 26 slotter full of junk. Last week I had 5 bank spaces open, it was glorious.

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    Why they still have not doubled the capacity of our bags once inserted into the bank is beyond me, it was an idea played with on the forums some years ago, that fell between the cracks.

    I.e I put a 16 slot bag into my bank bag slot 1, it effectively becomes a 32 slot bag with little to no implication on anything, as bags needs to be completely empty to be removed or at all moved, so theres no real obvious way of grifting this.

    I guess one of the problems they run into is the fact that in vanilla we had like all 16 slot bags, and everyone had full bags and bank, we got 18 slot bags and everything was solved and glorious, 1 month later we need even bigger bags, etc etc etc, there seem to be no stopping the "hunger of the hivemind".

    Perhaps they should design the game fundamentals differently? The idea of cosmetics being "another" bank you see only when you interact with xmog-dudes, or a special cosmetic "tab", sounds like a way to effectively cut the bank/voidstorage usage of most players down by a large amount, as I know for myself and many others out there that all the xmog sets of gear make up a whole lot of whats inside my bank.

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    I'm still not sure exactly why people complain about bag space specifically for this achievement, about 3/4 of the requirements are either white, green, items with charges or pets. The amount of stuff you actually need to keep is minimal, not to mention it's not required to keep them in the first place.

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