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    I'm working on getting 2 of each to 90; one of each class and faction. I haven't been able to update my sig but a few of my 85's are 86+ now. With fully rested xp; it really doesn't take a lot of time to level some toons. Other then getting bored of doing the same quests on multiple characters I enjoy leveling (and when I get bored I just log on a 90 and do some pvp/dailies/LFR) to break up the monotony. I don't have the time nor desire to raid "for real" so leveling is where the fun has been at for me! I don't know why they stopped at the whole 5 90's ach. They have to know that there are people who would rather level toons and have some fun then to raid the same content over and over.

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    I'm working on it, I had 9 85s in Cata, but I'll be taking a break from leveling after just getting my DK up a few days ago.

    I don't think it's sad, I have plenty of time as well, and I hope they do add an achievement for all 11 classes at 90.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chipie2206 View Post

    I wanted to open a thread to see if anyone has accomplished what I managed to do yesterday. I finally got my rogue to level 90 and that now completes my aim to have every available class at max level. Some may say this is a little sad and that I have too much time on my hands and this maybe true, but I still wanted to see how many other people had actually managed the same feat. I also think it is a little sad that there is no achievement in place for any more then having 5 levels 90's. I look forward to reading your replies.
    I'm surprised no one linked the video with 35 level 90s (every class and every spec at 90).

    As for me personally, I can't even get my 85 death knight to 90. I don't like alts.
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    I think the achievement should be called "Forever Alone".

    I'm two classes away. /selfhate
    Look! Words!

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    I have a 90 of all classes on the Horde side, and am closing in on have a 90 for all classes on the Alliance side too. But good job!

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    I'm enjoying doing it. Got 10 of them already at 90 and druid on the way at level 87, which I left a bit when the patch arrived.
    I like to play by first hand all the classes/specs as it gives me more knowledge of the game overall.

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    Im planning on doing this someday... In Cata i had 9/10 classes at 85 and all geared enough to raid normals, only missed the Dk... Im now at 6/11 at 90, still having a rogue/warrior/priest at 85 Dk at 70 and monk just started at 43... Cant decide which one gonna be next!
    The problem i have right now is that there is so many thing to do now at max level its hard with the time i have to keep up even for 2 mains... lol

    Quote Originally Posted by khatsoo View Post
    I like to play by first hand all the classes/specs as it gives me more knowledge of the game overall.
    Also this!

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    I think they are intentionally not adding this in an effort discourage possible burnout, being that pretty much the only way to level at a reasonable rate now is via questing. Sure, it would be an achievement and achievements aren't mandatory, but there are plenty of folks like yours truly who would have OCD kick in and would go crazy doing whatever it takes to get this achievement done, lol. Blame the player, not the game in that case.

    If they did add this...I don't think I would get it. 5 is plenty enough for me (will have 6 due to leveling an alliance warrior for Double Agent). Only classes that would be a pain to level are rogue (currently at 51) and monk (nonexistant).

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    this is not mine, but i'll just put it here

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    Well i got 11 90s on Dec 20th Back in 2012 but no achievement. So sad

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    Welcome to the club TC!

    *high fives*

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    Hardly an achievement.
    Pretty pointless, if you ask me.

    You need around 10 hours per character and a ~20 hours more for monk because you have to level him from scratch.
    It makes 5 /played days in total.

    People with 600+ total days /played laugh on such achievements.

    Doing stupid things no one cares about is easy. Being better than other players and proving it by doing realm(at least) firsts is slightly more challenging.

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    Congrats I spose, but it seems to be a pretty common occurrence if you ask me.

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    Would be nice to get something for the time we put in :P

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    I've only got 3 myself, my Warrior, Warlock and Monk. Considering how laid back leveling is now it's not at all sad, or even really surprising that people have 10+ at 90.

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    Trying to get every char to 90 too, but tbh i can't stand some classes even in leveling.

    Right now i have Warrior,Hunter,Rouge,Death Knight and Warlock. Rouge and Warlock are pain in the a** for leveling if i compare it to my warrior for example (as long as i kill im immortal due to victory rush ;p ). Tryin to get shaman to 90, but stuck on 88, again so slow on exp in any spec.

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    I am at 10 atm

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    I'll get one of each class on both sides to 90 eventually, I just hate questing so much. Will probably level my twinks to 85-90 too some day.

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    damn, all my play time is chewed up getting all my coins and valor on 2 characters. how do you find the time to level and play 11?

    serious question. do you just stop playing when you hit 90, and move onto another class? or do you play some endgame stuff? (factions, raids, pvp, pet battles?)
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