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    I think this xpac is not alt friendly because of the reputations, and dailies grind. However, I've found leveling a bit more enjoyable doing more dungeons and pvp instead of questing. I know some people enjoy the questing part and I do too, BUT I found that if I mix things up a bit more by doing other things that give xp, I find myself enjoying the game alot more now.

    Just do some quests and sit in queue for dungeons or bgs while questing. Its a much more enjoyable experience trust me.

    Plus you have the added bonus of some decent ilvl gear at 90 if you can honor and justice point cap.
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    Well, if the PTR xp nerf for 85-90 makes it live, this "achievement" becomes a LOT more bearable. Don't mean to sound snarky by saying "achievement", btw. I only mean that in the sense that it IS an achievement, though it isn't at this time per the in-game achievement system. :P

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    I'm about to have 5 but my other 7 are all 85. I know it equals 12 but I have a second 85 Druid. I've been playing since Vanilla and I enjoy leveling alts every once in a while.

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    I have 5 level 90s at the moment. Mage (main), Shaman, Rogue, Death Knight, and Hunter. I have a Monk at 63.. he's my next project. Then I have a Warlock waiting as the project after that.

    As for the question posed by the OP... I think there should be an achievement, but I don't think it should be worth any points. Having a max level of every class seems like a good Feat of Strength to me.

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    Not sure if it's been said already, but there wasn't one for 10 85's either would be cool to add as FoS

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fiftyonred View Post
    Do you think there is ANY encounter in wow that takes more time or dedication to down, than the time spend leveling 11 x 1-90?
    Pretty much every encounter outside LFR takes more dedication, levelling can be done on near autopilot these days.
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    Lvling my 7th 90 at the moment, will work on the last 4 when 5.3 hits Mainly doing it for my own personal satisfaction .

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    I have 3 level 90s, closing in on a 4th. I'd have more but I am pretty adamant about gearing them/raiding with them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chipie2206 View Post

    I wanted to open a thread to see if anyone has accomplished what I managed to do yesterday. I finally got my rogue to level 90 and that now completes my aim to have every available class at max level. Some may say this is a little sad and that I have too much time on my hands and this maybe true, but I still wanted to see how many other people had actually managed the same feat. I also think it is a little sad that there is no achievement in place for any more then having 5 levels 90's. I look forward to reading your replies.
    I have 11 90s of each class, all Dps:

    Stormrage Server:

    Maxalyss, Shakacan, Thoroxa, Slashz, Sharpsteel

    Sen'jin Server:

    Darkonos, Hoaxs, Maxamonk

    Garithos Server:

    Warsword, Holybless, Slithroat

    6 of them are over 500 and all but 2 of them are over 490, I also have an 85 Dk for my Daughter on Nesingwary server as well as a bunch of lower pvp twinks that are now useless.


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    i have each class maxed out for horde and alliance i didn't level them all at the same time. Was leveling here and there nov 2004 - mar 2013 last time i played since every time i switch characters it gets nerfed so theres no point of me playing anymore. Relearning rotations to maximize dps and heals was too much of a hassle for me so i quit the game.

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    I'm also working my way towards it(I only started MoP in late march), so I really hope they put more 'have x characters at max level' achi's in the game.

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    For you guys who log them daily, does it ever get confusing having soo many spells to remember, any technique for you to remember whats what for when you log a dif one. besides just remembering.

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    I like to level my chars aswell, when I got the time and not getting bored. Have 8 atm.

    OT; I think it's a nice idea. For starters for Us who like to level more and more characters, why shouldt we get something out of it?
    Let's see here... PvP, it's kinda hard for someone that started Today, and for me also. I've played the game since TBC. Never been intersted in PvP at all. I have around 30k Hks. For me to farm Bloodthirsty, that would take forever. (Litterly speaking)
    The reputation fans have 'The Insane' - Sure it can go kinda fast, but it's take a hell of a lot time if you dont have a rogue personally.
    If you're a pet-battle fan, you have the 5 000 wins achivment for PvP pet batteling. (Srsly, 5k? ...)

    One thing that he game doesn't have is a reward for leveling alot of characters, I don't understand why. I'm not saying that it would be some reward for it like a mount or a pet. There shouldn't be any of that, just a FoS. I made one that I would personally go for, even if there wasn't a title / mount / pet. But there isn't one, so what's the point. If there was a titel on it, I guess more people would go for it. I think it would be fun.

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    All classes at 90 except monk.
    Challenge mode transmog on 6 of them, almost 8.

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    I've recently started playing again. I've been having a lot of fun leveling a large number of toons at the same time. It really puts that rest exp mechanic to good use lol.

    When you play all the different classes, I think you really get a wider and more in depth view of the game and its mechanics. When I first started playing, I played only my one character. However, every time I stated playing a new class, I would learn something new or have a small epiphany. I believe these experiences have result in generally better gameplay performance from me. Thus I do think there is value in leveling all the toons other than just for achievement sakes.

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    im not even on 5 yet, i havent played the last couple of weeks seeing as my laptop is broken, so i will have to wait till its done before i can play again

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    I have one of each class in lvl 90. My last char to hit lvl 90 was my Hunter, and that was done the 4th of July.
    I only do PvP, so it's a bit easier to gear the chars I have..
    The fact that I have all the classes available to me is quite awesome as I never get bored... "Meh, my Shaman is boring.. I'll log my <class> instead"..

    And yes! I was also a bit disappointed that there wasn't an achievement for it. Seeing they have for 5 different classes in lvl 90... they could've done the rest as well.

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    I achieved every class lvl 90 about three weeks ago when my mage (incidentally the very first char i created in WoW), in addition I have a lvl 90 horde shaman that I lvled to get the Darkspear Revolutionary title, so that's a total of 12 90's. All of them were lvled to 90 before the XP nerf except for the monk and mage I believe, but it was nice finally getting it done. The fact that I'll never have to lvl again in Dread Wastes or Townlong again gives me a warm fuzzy feeling!

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    I had one of every class at 85 when it was current.

    Currently everything is 90, with the following exceptions:
    89.5 Shaman (just started working on her again today actually - havent leveled toons much in a few months)
    87.5 Rogue
    85 Mage
    66 Monk

    The Shaman and Rogue should be 90 in the next week or so, and the monk is coming up fast (she has 4 Elixir of Ancient Knowledge, and only levels with Rested + full Heirlooms + Monk Daily Buff, and she's a tank) - I do like one or two dungeons every few days on the monk and she gains a couple levels per dungeon still

    So I'm pretty close, but not quite as far as the OP. The Ele Shaman main in my guild though I believe has a 90 of every class - and reached that goal quite awhile ago.
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    got 7 90s atm;
    1. Hunter
    2. Mage
    3. Warlock
    4. Druid
    5. Warrior
    6. Mage
    7. Hunter

    And working on many more 85+s (including a 86 hunter :P )

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