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    Raiding Mages (Avg & hardcore) What DPS spec you using?

    Title says it all, in general what spec are you using in the majority of your raids? Is arcane still the dps spec for raiding.

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    The other two mages in my guild have been and are still frost. I've been playing frost since the patch, but I'm gonna try fire in our Sunday raid.

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    There's people playing every spec right now.

    You can really play any spec but you will need a decent ilvl and a lot of crit to make fire work well.
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    I switched from arcane to fire, couldnt get the crit, so went back to arcane and its the same as 5.1 for me.

    I think I was one of the few arcane mages who never bothered to scorch weave or FFB proc search.

    My dps is spiky, but i prefer it over the complete RNG that is fire at sub 510 ilvl with "just" 30% crit, I think if I could get 35-40% crit then I would retry fire again.

    Frost will be for PvP when I have the gear in 2-3 weeks time.

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    Tried Fire, didn't have near enough crit (had around ilvl 506 at start of patch) so went back Frost and doing great with it. Plan to get back into Fire once I've around 515 ilvl and 2xT15.

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    Switching between both Fire and Frost... 499/500 ilvl with 33%+ crit in Fire (which I felt was decent), holding on to RoY 2/2 and certain other pieces for haste/crit alterations as necessary. Staying Frost for the time being since I'm now working on gold challenge modes in-between every once in a while.

    Arcane doesn't feel like an option to me, never has this expansion except for that Haste/Invo spec from 5.1 since I wasn't gifted with loads of Mastery gear. I feel this tier's more the same unless I went towards all the crafted stuff... but meh, Arcane to me = stiff, clunky and every other synonymous description I can give it that can end in my mortis.
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    Will be using Fire for progression, its the obvious choice this tier for most fights. There are a few fights that arcane would probably do better on then fire, but the gearing is almost completely different so yeah, Not gonna gimp myself and our warlocks/spriests by grabbing the mastery gear.

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    I am an average mage with an average raiding guild working through normal Throne of Thunder. I have been rolling frost all throughout Mists.

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    Already a thread for this:

    Not even off the first page. Try to keep relevant chat in relevant threads or we have to repeat ourselves when trying to help others

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    Quote Originally Posted by Akraen View Post
    Already a thread for this:

    Not even off the first page. Try to keep relevant chat in relevant threads or we have to repeat ourselves when trying to help others

    ok forum moderator ..... o wait

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    I've been doing well as fire.

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    Fire, and loving it

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    I was fire through tier 14 but started struggling to keep up near the end so switched to arcane. Was terrible at it so went to frost for 5.2, going to be running frost with a fire OS for this patch. Been pulling decent numbers for this patch so far

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    Played fire with 8k crit rating, was decent enough for top 10 ranks. have 9.3k now


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    I was fire for horridon heroic, and will probably be frost for tortos heroic. But I will try both to see what works.

    EDIT: Nope, fire for tortos as well. Fire seems way to go for all hardmodes.
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    Playing fire for all bosses so far

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    Fire is the best choice for all hardmode bosses I've experienced so far. (First 3)

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    I will also continue to play my Frost spec and Fire as second spec. Maybe roll on gear that has +haste +crit and

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    At ~515ilvl, been playing fire since the patch and very happy with it.

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    Sticking with frost, been competitive on all heroic progression so far.

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