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    Warlock green fire quest, impossible with pvp gear?

    Hey guys i got the tome of the lost legion drop yesterday. Done all the quests up to the last encounter but i've died several times without even getting him half way.
    i read that guys with 496 ilvl struggle with the enrage timer and i only have 476 ilvl.
    I'm fully pvp geared, is it possible to do it with pvp gear or is it impossible?

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    Would help alittle if you told us where and what you struggle with on the fight ?

    476 might be alittle low though, if you run into the enrage timer a potion of purification can help you with that, just use it once you get the curse on you.
    It took me roughly 5 hours straight before i killed him, ilvl of 499 and with a modified destruction spec

    i didnt have the potion, but i had 25 secs left on the enrage timer when he died.
    I dont wanna post a guide on how you can defeat him, cause there is a ton of guides atm.

    Though, once you get the hang of the fight you can pretty much predict every move he does, avoiding the chaos bolt and dealing with imps is the easy part of the fight, once felhunters arrive you gotta be ready !

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    Aye might try getting that potion cos with 476 it would be hard to kill him before the enrage.
    and the main part of the fight that i struggle with are the fel hunters he summons, once they're up and the pit lord is free i get destroyed.

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    With the potion, the enrage timer shouldn't be an issue - even with pvp gear.
    The rest depends nearly solely on your execution of the fight, not really on your gear.

    So no, it's not impossible.

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    im 485 ilvl with elite gear and it took me around 40 tries but i finally got him down last week. I also had to reforge everything into hit just to stop missing so much but its all about learning the mechanics to be honest.

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    Ahh alright then, thanks guys im just gunna keep at it then and learn the fight better, hopefully i'll down him eventually

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