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    Keeping track of Scent of Blood...any good addons?

    Im new to Dk tanking and im having issues knowing when i have 5 stacks of Scent of blood. I know its shown at the top right corner where my buffs are but i cant always be loking up there when im trying to pay attention to rune cooldowns, runic power,etc,etc. I dont like DSing too premmatuely.

    Anyone have any ideas?

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    You shouldn't be waiting for 5 stacks. The bonus it gives is just a perk if you haven't DS'd in a while.

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    Blood Shield Tracker can help you if you want.

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    You shouldn't change your DS usage based on your SoB stacks, so tracking it is pointless.

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    As others have already said, your usage of DS shouldn't be dependant on your SoB stacks. But if you wanna track it anyway, you can use Blood Shield Tracker, found at http://www.curse.com/addons/wow/blood-shield-tracker

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    Isn't there a SoB counter on your DS button?

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    Quote Originally Posted by JKinTMC View Post
    Isn't there a SoB counter on your DS button?

    WA works pretty well but I find to track SoB pointless.
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    Quote Originally Posted by feangren View Post
    Blood Shield Tracker can help you if you want.
    This, it helps you see how many stacks you have, how close you are to healing for more than just 7% of your health by turning green and also shows you how much blood shield you have left. It really helps you time them to where either your shield is about to fall off or be destroyed.

    HOWEVER, a knowledge of the fight and knowing when you can either shotgun your deathstrikes for a load of shields or when you should wait with your VB cooldown 5 stacks because of the huge incoming damage will always be more valuable.

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    To answer your question, any cooldown/buff track addon could do that. Ppl mostly use things like Weak Aura, NeedToKnow, TellMeWhen. If you don't like those complicated settings, you can try my addon called CDTracker. It's a simple one.

    On the other hand I do agree with ppl mentioned above that you normally shouldn't be changing your rotation based on SoB. However tracking SoB isn't pointless. You can estimate how much healing/absorption you can do and how much RP you can generate. It's good to track them, in order not to waste resource.

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