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    Ultimate Taming Challenge

    I don't believe Blizzard would do this, but I think Blizzard should implement a scaling pet taming challenge that scales to the level cap each expansion. It needs to be solo'd so maybe a scenario or class quest, and I think the pet should bring three raid buff/debuff (two known and one random). As an ultimate pet taming challenge I believe that the pet should be a dragon whelp with a breath special attack. It needs to be sufficiently hard, so that at the beginning of each expansion only highly skilled hunters can get it, but as the expansion goes on gear can compensate for any lack of skill.

    How would you implement an ultimate taming challenge?

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    First off I would not have it bring 3 buffs, it would be cosmetic only.

    Probably a long quest line that requires a rare drop from some mob to start and a solo scenario to tame the pet, it would be cool if you had to fight the pet till ~25% and then tame.

    And at the a certain point in the questline you pick which pet you want to tame and then go get food or something like that to start the scenario.

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