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  • Morchok

    126 74.12%
  • Jin'rokh

    44 25.88%
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    Flame Leviathan. Also, Naxx in general, lest we forget. I approve of an easy boss or two in an instance. Morchoc was probably noticeable because DS was such a short and rather ugly instance.

    Attumen in Kara was pretty easy.

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    Jin'rokh actually has mechanics that can kill you, and I don't recall that so much with Morchok.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Firefly33 View Post
    And most people did morchok overgeared since everyone and their mother had heroic FL gear. Also people remembe morchok with the 35% buff, not release state morchok. Morchok was not a complete pushoever in appropriate gear either.

    Not saying he was hard, but not a free kill.

    Imo Jin'rokh and morchok are perfectly tuned. First boss should not be too easy and not too hard. People shouldn't have to much trouble killing them.
    he was.. we went into morchok with gear from 3/7 HC progress. we one-shot him. i dont beleive we EVER wiped on morchok normal. no-one runs to the crystal? not really a problem cos they are all at full hp anyway. one derp doesnt run out of black goop? he (probably) dies but the raid kills him anyway since there is no dps check. we 2-shot jinrokh first week but derps caused us to wipe 4 times this week. no amount of fail can cause a wipe on morchok normal :s

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