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    Warcraft 4 by far. There's virtually no reason to make a WoW 2, because they can just keep adding on to the current WoW with expansions like they have been.

    Warcraft 4, on the other hand, would be amazing. I don't really care at all about the campaign or story, but custom games on WC3 are absolutely amazing, and I'm sure that WC4 custom games would make it far more fun than any WoW 2.

    Besides, if they actually released a WoW 2 and I had to make new characters and stuff there's no way I'd even waste my time with it, would just play another game instead.

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    I'd prefer a re-boot of WoW over Warcraft 4.

    Whilst I'm not too hot on re-booting WoW anyway, I really dislike RTS games.

    But hey, a fresh new MMO set in the Warcraft universe might not be so bad.
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    Warcraft 4. I am starting to get more and more tired of the MMORPG genre

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    It wasn't until this expansion, but everywhere I look it feels like I'm playing an 8 year old game. What was great about WC3 was how the game was used to tell the story. I'm not sure if there's a story left to be told. So, provisionally, WoW2.
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    WoW2 is never going to happen. They can just make incremental changes and additions to WoW. Making a second game is pointless; either you keep the original game and split your audience, or you have to shut down the first one and what... make everyone start again? Who would want to do that and lose everything they have in the old game? Doesn't make sense.

    Warcraft 4 sounds great in theory, but it won't happen while the lore of the Warcraft IP is being driven by WoW.

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    I prefer Warcraft 4. You get alot more story, more interesting characters ala WC3, you get a real attachment to the characters in the game. Also get to play from multiple perspectives and even be the bad guy.

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    I actually can't see them being able to do either unless the landscape dramatically changes. WoW 2 won't happen until and unless WoW dies, which I don't see happening any time soon (whatever the haters might say).

    Similarly, running a Warcraft RTS at the same time as a Warcraft MMO seems almost impossible. The only way it MIGHT work is if they released an RTS and a new WoW expansion simultaneously and linked them both together in some way. Would be an enormous task to get right.
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    There won't ever be a "WoW 2" Look what happen to everquest. There NEEDS to be a new Warcraft game anyways, its been long over due.
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    WarCraft 4 should be made with new characters new races and set someplace not in Azeroth but the story still connected, so when WC4 life cycle is over you can pump all that lore and stuff into World of Warcraft.
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    i want wow2 - the single player RTS version!
    oh wait.

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    I would love warcraft4 so much, th could expand the lore past wow, I think it's a lot easier to tell a story on a single player gam than it is a mmorpg.
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    Neither are going to happen. They're updating the character models and warcraft has so much lore that WoW won't die unless they lose more money then they gain. There would be no point in a WoW2 or a warcraft 4 when all that lore is going into WoW now

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    warcraft 4 why? see sc2 heart of swarm campaign.. and i wasnt even fan of starcraft

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    WC4. There is absolutely no reason for a WoW2 and it will probably and hopefully never be.
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    Warcraft 4. RTS games tend to speed the story along and have meaningful things happen in them. In Warcraft 3 Dalaran got in wiped off the freaking map. Nothing like that can ever happen in WoW. They'll destroy a town or two, but nothing major.

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    WOW 2 is coming I can feel it

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    Why even consider a WoW2 when WoW1 is still in such a strong place, with endless possibilities of advancement, both in story and in engine\graphics. It makes no sense whatsoever to think about a WoW2....

    A Warcraft 4 RTS however.... bring it on. I just hope they don't 'break it' into 3 small parts like SC2. The campaigns are awesome, yet incredibly short. I cannot imagine if War3 was release in multiple expansions, for each campaign. It would have been, horrendous.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gamemoney3381 View Post
    WOW 2 is coming I can feel it
    Out of curiosity for such a blind, bold claim, I ask; What exactly would this "WoW 2" offer that your current WoW cannot / does not?
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    warcraft 4 because theres no need for a WoW 2
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    I'd honestly prefer a hybrid system, where you can "build" small areas of your own and control the troops/guards/citizens in an RTS style. But you can still go down to the ground level and inspect day to day life of your creation.
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