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    WoW 2 vs. WarCraft 4 - which would you prefer?

    The thought consumes me. I cannot decide which!!

    World of WarCraft 2

    • All new graphics.
    • Same continents and worlds + new ones, only this time, they are more according to scale and released over time, like in TESO.
    • Set in the past or future, for new story lines.
    • A fresh take on all features which often receive criticism, like raids and gear treadmills.

    WarCraft 4

    • An entirely new WarCraft RTS, on the same scale as StarCraft 2.
    • Multiple expansions.
    • Story lines which converge with and grow from old, current, and future WoW story lines.
    • Massive focus on eSports-worthy online multiplayer gaming.
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    Easily Warcraft 4, no contest. The custom games in WC3 are still far more enjoyable than raiding in WoW

    They better make an easy world editor for WC4 aswell

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    I would prefer an RTS to bridge the gap between WOW and "WOW 2" to set the scene and story. Having came from WC3 to WOW I loved how the world of Azeroth felt alive and the connection to people, I would prefer to keep the game down the MMO path as it stands.

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    No both option?

    Warcraft 4 would make more sense but I prefer RPG's, so WoW 2.
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    Of the two, the Warcraft 4 is the more necessary, especially to reinforce the narrative of the lore and for give to each race a personality and a unique prominence.

    Personally, I would do the following:

    Unexpected end of WoW -> Warcraft 4 -> WoW 2
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    Quote Originally Posted by MMOTotal View Post
    I would prefer an RTS to bridge the gap between WOW and "WOW 2"

    This for me to. WC3 got me hyped for wow and did an amazing job at setting the story and the future heros/villians and has managed to live off that for 7 years. I think they need another RTS to create some more lore that we can play through and experiance at our own pace again, but yea i would love WoW to go in that direction again. WC4 rts -> -> WoW2
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    Warcraft 4, because that way the lore doesn't have to suffer so much, but more important: I really want an AWESOME fantasy RTS with such an awesome World Editor.
    Warcraft 3 thanks to its world editor is still being played by me.

    Let Titan be the new awesome, pretty RPG, new game = no existing lore to retcon/mess up
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    warcraft 4.

    everything you described in the WoW2 section can be done in the current WoW engine, except it would take years and years to get the content we have back. gear treadmills? they've changed how gearing works every expansion. raids? not sure how they'd be different, you have trash mobs, you have boss, you get loot, it's like that in every mmo as far as I'm aware.

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    Love Wow, but warcraft 4 hands down.... WoW lost it's charm when they nerfed *everything* to appeal to casuals more lol.

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    Warcraft isn't an RTS series anymore so Warcraft 4 is unnecessary. However if history has proven anything "MMO sequels" are doomed to fail, with Everquest 2 failing to launch and Guild Wars 2 still fresh in it's grave.

    The best option is to stick with expanding WoW, occasionally making previous content part of the base package to ease entry for new players like they did with TBC.

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    I have had opened the Thread about WoW 2 and people made me see properly how WoW still progresses ! Its graphics are still progressing, New Features are being made, New Expansions can normally offer us new era of WoW for example 180-200 Years ahead. Raid issues can always be fixed. And people wont be willing to lose all their progress, their epic experience in WoW and move to play new game called WoW 2 it will be a MAJOR disappointment for all of us ! Let wow progress itself and slowly and someday it will be WoW 2 compared to vanilla graphics, etc.

    Though I'd like to see Warcraft 4 if it will introduce new Lore and somehow will be the end of current situation we have in warcraft lore, And will make basis to start new Era for WoW in next expansion.
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    Quote Originally Posted by McNeil View Post
    Easily Warcraft 4, no contest. The custom games in WC3 are still far more enjoyable than raiding in WoW

    They better make an easy world editor for WC4 aswell

    Last night i was talking with a friend about that, how i used to love (still love) Enfos, Fuza's, XHeroSiege, X-TD and so many others.

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    Warcraft 4, without any doubt.

    I actually wish they would stop WoW development for a while and strike a Warcraft 4. Been missing the RTS style of Wacraft and, well, we need new lore... Which is better told in a RTS than in WoW. I know Blizzard is developing new lore in WoW, but it just doesn't feel the same as was told in Warcraft 3.

    Not gonna happen, but a man can wish...

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    Would there be a point to a WoW 2? I mean, updated graphics would just mean less people can play it. WoW is the way it is now for a reason. Plus, you really don't need a sequel to an MMO when you can just make expansions and patches for a lifetime.

    And as much as I'd like a new Warcraft, I doubt blizz would go back to an RTS after the MMO has made them so much cash. Maybe after they've killed off all of the Warcraft heroes/villains, then they might bring it back to make new characters, but I'm pretty sure they'd make more cash off of just saving it for WoW than making a brand new game around it.
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    Warcraft 4 please
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    WoW 2 sounds like a unneccesary and boring idea, a Warcraft 4 is on the other hand due time.

    Quote Originally Posted by McNeil View Post
    Easily Warcraft 4, no contest. The custom games in WC3 are still far more enjoyable than raiding in WoW

    They better make an easy world editor for WC4 aswell
    The World Editor in WC3 is nearly perfect, they should just take that same editor, adjust it a little and make it compatible with a new Warcraft game.
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    There can't be a second WoW, you got WoW or you got nothing.

    So WC4 is #1 atm.
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    the most likely is warcraft 4. they could use a new warcraft game as a tie in with an expansion instead of a novel, or as a way to cover past events they couldnt in wow.

    a "wow2" is completely and utterly unneeded, theres virtually nothing they could do that they couldnt do in an expansion or patch without making it an entirely different game in which case whats the point?
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    Warcraft 4 hands down, I rather have a un- ahem Balanced RTS set in the Warcraft universe that can compete with Starcraft two in graphics.

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    WoW 2 is a comlete delirium. Blizzard are fixing all stuff people don't like and new graphics, features and content with patches, and brand new storyline with a new expansions. WoW 2 would simply be a nonsense.
    WC4: is not a nonsense. Despite the fact wow is a sequel and extension of Warcraft lore, WC4 would take a great spot in a WC lore. For example, if they are coming out together, WoW would be made for players to take raids over main bosses and dungeon, and WC 4 goes significantly more global, like constant warfronts or liek that. However, wow still includes all these wars and warfronts.

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