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    Time for a round of "Name the addon!" :)

    Anyone that can name the addon used to show the burning embers in this video:

    Is this interface excisting as an entire UI or?

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    Looks like it's something made with weakauras to be honest. Here's a thread where people have posted their weakauras strings that you can check out.

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    Just looks like it's a part of a hud or something with health below it etc, but could be it's just a WA, guess im gonna experinemt a bit

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    I agree it's probably WeakAuras. WA is amazingly customizable and there isn't much you can't do with it.

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    It looks like IceHud.

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    Been experimenting a bit more with WA and a bit with IceHud.. thanks all

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    thats the default blizzard ember display

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