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    How many times have you "quit wow"???

    You hear it all the time on forums when people quit wow and write a post about it.
    I'm just wondering how many times have you "quit wow" and came back to play again?

    I've quit 3 times.
    I played in vanilla until my account got hacked and i stopped playing for 2 years.(which isnt quitting but i stopped playing)
    I started playing again in Wrath and quit at the end of the season due to my gf at the time getting angry with the amount i was playing.
    Came back in cataclysm got all my gear and quit again for 8months until mop came out and came back.
    Now im playing again until i feel bored and ill quit again.
    but i know if i quit ill probably come back when new expansion comes out.

    So how many times have you "quit wow"?
    and is there anybody out there who actually quit and never came back?

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    Dreadlord Asics's Avatar
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    Once, because job and wedding planning took over ability to raid. I didn't see any reason to play aside progression raiding, so I quit.

    I'm looking into starting again but eh, maybe not. Playing casually doesn't really appeal to me.

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    About seven times probably. I come and go with boredom.

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    I've quit three times. Once during the "middle months" of Wrath, when we had the Lich King on farm for almost a year. Then I quit again for a couple of months after killing Heroic: Majordomo. Then, I quit again about a month before Mists came out and I haven't looked back since.

    Edit: I quit during the WotLK ending-era because I just grew incredibly bored of the game. After Majordomo I just didn't have the time to be able to raid "hardcore" the way I like to. And before MoP came out I realized that the classes I was about to take for that semester would make it near impossible to keep up with raiding and still get good grades, so I quit.

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    Pit Lord Thulvaso's Avatar
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    3 times, maybe 4 not sure, my breaks usually last between 2-3 months before I log back in.

    1. Mid way through TBC, mainly due to burnout and other activities taking up my time
    2. ICC, one of the most dragged out times in the game that I couldn't be bothered with so my "wow fix" was mainly watching Cata beta videos done by TotalBiscuit
    3. Last few months of Dragon Soul but I had the MOP beta to enjoy etc

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    I still haven't so far.

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    It will be once, next month, until about mid-May when I can get home and run WoW on a non-shitty PC.

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    Once, for Age of Conan.

    I learned my lesson in very short order.

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    Played from classic to Cataclysm. Quit before ZA/ZG patch. Came back a year-ish later just in time to get bored during Dragon Soul, late june 2012.. Quit in mid-july 2012. Now I stalk these forums every so often for speculation on the next expansion; to see if it piques my interest. Not to derail the thread, but a legion expansion would very much make me consider coming back.

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    Three times. The first time was in ICC and I was kind of addicted to the game. I was in a top 200 guild at the time doing ICC-H progression on Sindragosa and it was miserable with cliques and raid leaders bringing in their pvp-buddies and assorted bad friends over full-time raiders who played well. Got sick of it and quit. Next time was after coming back for Cata during Firelands. I raided one day a week with a group of friends but it wasn't really enjoyable. They were fun to raid with but I wanted to raid more and simply didn't have time. Third time was after coming back to MoP under the same circumstances. Just no time to raid.

    Really enjoyed the raid content no matter expansion I played. Early Cata/Firelands and early MoP were all excellent, imo.
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    I havent quit yet, but I can see myself going cold tukey soon and never coming back.

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    Once before Ulduar, so I missed out on that raid. Once during Cata, but that was towards the end when there was literally nothing to do. So twice since BC.

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    I have never quitted WoW for good, but I usually play for a month, and then stop for 3 months.

    I only come back because of friends and guild, and then leave the game with total boredom.

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    Stood in the Fire sdkphoenix's Avatar
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    I quit twice. Once when I moved away for college back after BC came out, didn't play wow again til about november of that year.

    The other was after the failure of ToC and ICC. I had pretty major burn out, and even cancelled my sub for a couple months. I started up again before Cata came out, but I still was pretty tired of the high progression guild I was in.

    I have had burn outs where I just don't log on for a few days, only go to my raids and nothing else, but I still keep my subscription. I've never quit because I was angry at the game or Blizz, just cause I either didnt want to play for a while or cause I was taking care of RL.

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    Once,after the first tier of Cata,and started playing again with MoP.

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    Twice. First time during Burning Crusade since I hated the sci-fi setting, and second time was when my annual pass expired last October since I didn't like the game anymore.

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    Stood in the Fire Priestamgpwn's Avatar
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    I quitted 3 times over the course of tbc,wotlk,cata and mop.
    First time was when wotlk came .. was kinda bored with the game and I felt like playing CS more again.
    Second time was i think 2 months before wotlk ended and i came back 2-3 months after cata came out.
    Third time was in middle of cata due to boredome.


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    Herald of the Titans -Ethos-'s Avatar
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    Once (for good), somewhere in between may and august 2011 and have never wanted to come back.
    My guild imploded on Sinestra because no-one on the server wanted to raid in the 25 man format so we couldnt replace the good players we lost. Ive never wanted to come back because i took the game far too seriously and devoted too much of my time on it.

    I merely browse MMO-Champion because i love the interesting and though-provoking discussion and wonderfully charming userbase.
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    Once in the middle of Cata. I have never returned and never shall.

    Quote Originally Posted by -Ethos- View Post
    I merely browse MMO-Champion because i love the interesting and though-provoking dicsussion.
    And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him.
    Revelation 6:8

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    Maybe four or five times. It generally follows this pattern:

    1) Play too much, get bored and burnt out
    2) Quit
    3) Get the urge to play after a few months, remember the good times
    4) Sub again, but tell myself I'll stay casual this time
    5) Play too much, everything that made me quit before begins to annoy me
    6) Hate myself for subbing again
    7) Quit

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