Let me say first that I already have my class picked (DK), my race (Goblin), My profs (ENG / JC) selected. So this is NOT a "help me pick my" thread. I have always played a Gnomish ENG in the past, usually as Gnomes, until recently relocating all of my toons over to the Horde. Now, I am doing my ENG from scratch on the new DK as I have killed off the rogue I never play anymore.

I was just wondering if there were any bigger advantages to Goblin Eng, aside from explosives and teleporters. I love all of the small gadgets that gnomes can make like the world enlarger and the xray specs. I just wanted to know, when faced with Engineering, which direction did you go... and why? Also, if you were to choose a favorite, which would you choose and why?

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Guess Engineers don't frequent the forum. Ah well. Went Gnomish. More gadgets, less explosions. Thanks anyway all