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    Megaera 10m - help WOL

    Hello, out team nr 2 got problem with this boss, they come to head 5 and sometimes head 6 and healers are out of mana


    I know that dps is low - they need to improve, but i looking for help in healing aspect point some healers mistakes, what they should improve (especially shamy and druid - dont know these class)
    They doing in g/r/g/r/g/r/g strategy, should they change it ? we done this way in team 1 but with pala/disco/holy and there was a lot healing in last two head.

    Thanks for help

    @downe mistake - now is correct version, they start green
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    We were doing r,g,r,g,r,g,r,g but if your healers are not really geared, there is going to be alot of explosion's going on. Try throwing a blue in early, It is annoying. However there is no AoE Dmg from the poison nova, & I Don't think you can start off red, it's either green or blue, g/r/g/b/r/g/r

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    My best tips, if you run with 4 healers kill heads G>R>G>R>B>R>G This way you will reset the blue heads stacks just in time, and the head will be shit for the end of the fight were healing gets though.

    At the 7th head, at rampage, stack up infront of the green one of course and do bloodlust, let healers heal with help from external CDs, (aura mastery/smoke bomb, demo banners etc). As the rapamge is over let ranged stay at 20-35 yards and dispel all cinders immediately. Whilst one guy kites the frost beam every now and then. All this whilst being fast on moving from poison bombs. Dispeling cinders asap at the 7th head is really good cuz its really easy to lose a member to dot tick + poison somewhere close. Keep insane healing on the tank who tanks the green head so he doesnt die. Doing this killorder on heads makes sure no red is up in the end.

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    Tell your druid to have a look at Soul of the Forest instead of Incarnation. Hasted Wild Growth is incredible on this fight, especially if he could get the 4 set bonus. The swiftmend/WG cooldown lines up perfectly with having 2 green heads up in the back. You also get a ton of mileage out of it during Rampages.

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    This a 100 times.

    Quote Originally Posted by philic_6336 View Post
    add a 4th healer
    Just 4 heal it and ignore blues.

    Make sure your healers are not going crazy trying to compete on their HPS, it's all about getting to the 5th rampage with full mana.
    We tanked red/blue with a Druid and Green/Blue with a DK. Our monk was being decimated on this fight for some reason.

    Green died shortly after 4th stack application and red died on 3 stacks, consistently.

    We time warped on 6th head at 30%.

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    Your druid is not using mushrooms, its extremely good on this fight during the rampages, also he used 54 regrowth's while only 25 clearcasts. Looking on the dps you have i dont think that you can do it with 4 healers, tanks will need to switch or they will get stunned. I think its just better if healers try to heal the first 2 without any cds and then just rotate 1 cd / rampage on the rest and not panic.

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    thx for help they will try with 4 heal tomorrow and we will see

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